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  1. Same thing here in France, press reviews are bad but I'm very surprised how good the French public is responding to it and how good the peoples reviews are (I was personnaly quite disappointed by the movie) And I think the word of mouth is gonna help the movie
  2. Is it a joke?? Anyway, made me laugh out loud
  3. So I just got back from the theater and... I'm a little bit frustrated! Overall, I enjoyed a lot this movie, loved the concept, Will's great, very good ideas, great jokes. But I'm feeling frustrated because I think the whole end of the movie was not as good as the first hour. All in all, it's great entertainment, far above average, and I had a great time watching it but I got a feeling that if the end would have been written differently, this movie would have gone classic.. 7/10 Cookie : I keep votin for Kel each and everyday :thumbsup:
  4. Thank you guys for the nice messages! Don't worry Cookie, I've already voted for Kel Spencer as best lyricist! I'll also let U know what I thought about Hancock when the movie opens in France that means tomorrow!! :wickedwisdom:
  5. Hi everyone, First reply here! :wickedwisdom: I'm French and a long time JJFP fan. It's also been a long time since I read all the topics on this great forum. I haven't seen Hancock yet because in France it opens next wednesday... Can't wait! I gotta say I'm quite surprised that the movie is getting pretty bad reviews in USA and on rottentomatoes... Let me tell you, in France, the press loves the film! I haven't seen one bad review yet. They all agree that the movie is far from perfect but they also think that it's a very original piece, funny at times, more serious at other but all in all, it makes a great, unusual package. Finally, they all salute Will for that risky and great move on a superhero blockbuster film, and that this risk he's taken make the movie all the more enjoyable... I guess I'll see it for myself on wednesday! I'm sure I'll love it. Just wanted to let U know that Will is adored in France! WILL POWER :wickedwisdom:
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