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Hancock: master thread


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here's some more: http://www.infdaily.com/2007/08/will-and-c...on-for-wwf.html

I gonna post a pretty big spoiler that I've known for a little awhile about this movie.

Those of you interested:

I don't know how, but over the course of the movie, Charlize's character develops superpowers also. Will and Her have a big fight scene!!

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Will and Charlize battle it out shooting their latest film

It was a case of lights, camera and most certainly action for Will Smith and Charlize Theron this week as the duo got down to shooting their latest big screen offering in Los Angeles. The pair grappled with each other during a fight scene on the set of Hancock while effects team-assisted rain fell down in the summer heat.

The comic book-inspired film tells the story of a superhero - played by 38-year-old Will - who has fallen from grace. He enlists the help of a PR expert to improve his image, but in the process finds himself tangled up in a tempestuous relationship with his guru's wife, portrayed by Oscar-winning Monster star Charlize.

Though cinemagoers will have to wait until next July to see the finished product, shooting means that the residents of LA have already been treated to a sneak preview of some of the scenes that will end up on the silver screen – including one exciting episode which saw Will suspended from wires high above the streets.



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In a world where the 105 closes for filming...

Your quest to get to LAX this weekend could be complicated by the shooting of a Will Smith film.

By Andrea Woodhouse

Staff Writer

Travelers hoping to hit the Century (105) Freeway this weekend will have only a short window between explosions, gunshots and helicopter flyovers.

Columbia Pictures expects to close the highway's eastbound lanes for much of this weekend and next to shoot an elaborate, pyrotechnic-filled police chase sequence for the upcoming action film "John Hancock."

El Segundo or Los Angeles International Airport-bound drivers will be forced to use detours when production on the Will Smith flick shuts down a 11/2-mile stretch of the freeway from Sepulveda to La Cienega boulevards from 3 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, said location manager Jonathan Hook.

Westbound lanes will remain open, but the California Highway Patrol will use rolling breaks to control traffic.

LAX advises motorists to expect minor, intermittent delays and allow for "extra traveling time" during both weekends, said airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles.

Imperial Highway and the Aviation Boulevard on-ramp to the eastbound Century Freeway will remain open, with intermittent breaks when the film crew shoots scenes, which should be limited to about six minutes, Castles said.

Those driving south on Sepulveda Boulevard from the Westchester area won't be affected, she said. El Segundo police officers will stand by to manage any traffic snarls, Mayor Kelly McDowell said.

"Filming is a fact of life," he said. "I'm relieved it's on a weekend because it will help minimize the impact on commuters. But because of extensive closures, there's a potential to disrupt traffic in El Segundo and going to and from the airport."

Instead of a taking a detour, film fans might try for a glimpse of Hollywood magic on the freeway.

The shoot involves a high-speed car chase in which police officers pursue gun-shooting gang members as two news helicopters fly overhead, and a subsequent car crash, production notes state.

According to IMDB.com, "John Hancock" is about a "hard-living" superhero, played by Smith, who has fallen out of the public's favor. A PR man played by Jason Bateman tries to repair Hancock's image, but the embattled superhero takes up with Bateman's wife, played by Charlize Theron. In one scene to be aided by computer effects, Hancock swoops in over LAX to assist the police but instead crashes into a freeway sign. The movie is set to open in July 2008.

The eastbound Century Freeway is a film-studio favorite. Twentieth Century Fox closed it on two weekends to shoot "Live Free or Die Hard."


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