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Hancock: master thread


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Release Date Change: Hancock on July 1st

Hancock will be hitting select theaters one night earlier than expected. Columbia Pictures has decided to hold nationwide screenings of the Will Smith drunken superhero action comedy on Tuesday July 1st, a day before the film’s announced release. Screenings will begin as early as 7:00pm on the first. Check your local listings for complete details.


source: http://www.slashfilm.com/2008/06/15/hancock-on-july-1st/

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God, I hate france with it's dubbing! C'mon, get with the program, It's 2008! GAH! I don't understan this... But, nice to see they're doing interviews now, hopefully we'll see more in the next few days.

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Release dates for Hancock (some dates have been changed):

UK 18 June 2008 (London) (premiere)

Russia 19 June 2008 (Moscow Film Festival)

Canada 2 July 2008

China 2 July 2008

Egypt 2 July 2008

Estonia 2 July 2008

Iceland 2 July 2008

South Korea 2 July 2008

UK 2 July 2008

USA 2 July 2008

Australia 3 July 2008

Germany 3 July 2008

Hong Kong 3 July 2008

Hungary 3 July 2008

Singapore 3 July 2008

Slovenia 3 July 2008

Belgium 4 July 2008 (Wilkinson American Movie Day)

Brazil 4 July 2008

Venezuela 4 July 2008

Belgium 9 July 2008

France 9 July 2008

Netherlands 9 July 2008

Argentina 10 July 2008

Russia 10 July 2008

Mexico 11 July 2008

Poland 11 July 2008

Denmark 16 July 2008

Finland 16 July 2008

Norway 18 July 2008

Spain 18 July 2008

Sweden 18 July 2008

Turkey 15 August 2008

Japan 30 August 2008

Italy 12 September 2008

Greece 18 September 2008

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I guess Will is done with "Seven Pounds" because he seems to look a bit different than he did when he was shooting that film.

Look how his moves and gestures towards people were bit automatic :) I'm not saying he wasn't nice but he's been doing that for so long now that it probably was like "Damn, another boring day at the office" :)

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Hancock Preview DVD Offer

Best Buy gives you a sneak peek of the Will Smith flick with Blu-ray purchase.

by Brian Linder

June 16, 2008 - Want an early look at the new Will Smith superhero flick Hancock? Well, Best Buy has your hook-up. Purchase select Blu-ray movies from the retailer and you'll get a free Blu-ray bonus disc with more than 30 minutes of content.

The Best Buy exclusive disc includes a Hancock profile and there's an interactive feature for another Will Smith flick that's available soon on Blu-ray, Men in Black.


It looks like the Hancock Sneek Peek DVD may also be available for individual purchase for $3.99. The flick hits the big screen on July 2.




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