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Ja rule and 50 Cent

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I think what they (or someone) did was do this in the "cussing" options. You tell it what the bad word is and you tell it what it should say when somebody types that back word.

For example:

S.hit= S***

What happened was:

5.0.C.e.n.t.= wack rapper

Either way, we can't keep talking like this that long.

God Blessa! Edited by djsilvertiger
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i pick neither of the 2

first pathetic rapper doesnt have the voice for it, thats why his live shows suck. he just has a one note voice that doesnt really go.

wack rapper has never truely made a great rap song now he has made plenty of great POP songs same with pathetic rapper.

When it comes to TRUE RAP i think some of the greatest have to be 2pac, biggie smalls, that fool, dmx, run dmc, will, ll cool j

i think rap has began to go down hill then last few years. yea it has some good songs but its not real rap its more of pop and club music.

so if u were to have a pole on who were better pop artists pathetic rapper or wack rapper then i could vote on it but not if u put them in a rao category.

I have been listening to rap since i was 4 or so by uncle would wake me up with his old school mixes and that was my alarm clock i have seen it change into so many forms and been there to see it all happen! so i know what i am talking about

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