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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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JJFP In London

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No performance I'm afraid guys...not even a verse, but a great day nonetheless. It was awesome to finally meet up with Julie, Michelle, James and Kev again! We were practically spitting distance from Will and he took the time out to sign and take pictures with the majority of people at the premiere!

We got some great pix and also some quotes for music! I won't spoil it.....I'll leave it to Kev to reveal!!!





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What can i say. A Really Bitter sweet day. It was definately better than the Hitch Premier, meeting the forum guys was great and we had a good time. But the lack of a performance really annoyed me.

Still Will Smith spoke to me, so that was definately a perk. I shouted to him "Tell me your not giving up on music"? he replied nah im not giving up. I have it all on video and will be editing the whole thing tommorow for you to see. I got some great shots of the whole event and some great shots of Will, and as a filmmaker thats always good.

So yeh the day was awesome as a whole, but the thought of maybe never getting to see JJFP is stuck on my mind abit.

Check back tommorow for all my photos and videos etc.

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No sign of Jeff at all. Not looking likely that this tour is gonna happen either!

What happened??? I still don't get it.. Up until mid May it was all going ahead and they were performing.. then sony cancelled the australian premiere.. and then ??? they dont perform anywhere else.. Where's Jeff? I'm still scratching my head.. They'd planned these performances for like 6 months so I'm wondering why they were cancelled

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awww mann,, thats so sad. Im sorry you guys had such high hopes built up just to be let down like that... This sort of thing really gets me upset. Someone should have asked Will whats up with all of that. ..and let him know u guys are his biggest supporters online and that some of u travelled a long @$$ way to see him and Jeff...

and does he care enough to share with his fans.. what happened ?

dam.. so that means... I will be staying nice n comfy at my crib when they are in Los Angeles... dont waste my money tryna go see them..



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that's cool you guys got to meet up, I'm not sure if I'm really surprised about the non performing b/c it seems like this whole Hancock tour thing is kinda rushed, or not well put together or something. Gotta be disappointing though.

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