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R. Kelly has been found on all counts not guilty in the child porn case. Personally, I'm outraged at this decision because once again it shows that if you have money you can get away with anything in the U.S.

Here's the link to the article:

R. Kelly Acquitted Of All Charges In Child Pornography Case

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Wow! I didn't get 2 read the article yet...but in the words of Flavor Flav "Wooooooooooooooow." I didnt' see the tape, but i did read in-depth news on everything. I personally cannot say i care much about the outcome. I still buy his music cuz as an artist, he's one of the best...tho' i doubt he'll ever reach the level of quality he had between '93-'96...even thru' 2000. My biggest problem with this was that R. Kelly was taking all the heat. Things go both ways. Yes, he is the adult who should know better, but all other parties involved should be catching the same heat he has been and paying for what they did as well. If he did, then he's wrong and he can deal with it with God. After all this time, i'm sure he already has. But the girl needs 2 go thru' the same thing he goes thru'. It's take 2 to tango and teenagers shouldn't be treated like kids who don't know what they are doing...cuz they do.

Again, right is right and wrong is wrong. I'm not the judge and i don't know what happened. I'm just glad the whole thing is over. This isn't like murder or rape. I'm not saying it's right by any means, but 1 person was catching the heat that 2 people should have been catching. If he's a changed man with a new out look on life...i say "Congratz"...if he's gonna be acting foul...then i'll just keep my thoughts 2 myself.

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Yeh im never one to change my opinion on the outcome of a court decision. He is guilty, but maybe this will sort him out and get him back on track on life.

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I agree with AJ (alarm bell ringin). What he didnt isnt a good thing, but ts not like he raped her. I mean, she wanted it and she wasnt that young that she doesnt know what she's doing. Most girls that age over here have sex allready. Over here that isnt even a crime you get jail time for. In the netherlands, in germany and allot of other countrys around here its legal to have sex with a mature person when you are 14 or older, caus you are considered old enough to decide wether you want to have sex or not. If that person is older than 24 he can be charger of paying ceratin ammount, but he wont get jail time. I mean, come on, how can you trust in a legal system that wants to put a man in jail for 10 years (think about it) for sleeping with a girl that was 14 (which isnt that young that the girl doesnt know that what she doing isnt that good, unless she is a freaking imbicil who should be at home and shouldnt be alone on a r. kelly concert in the middel of the night) looking like 20. if anybody should get punishd its the bodyguards for letting her through, nd the parents for letting her out of the house alone lookinh like that).

It wasnt a good thing, but it wasnt a bad crime, she wanted it and he didnt know better (Which is wack, but not a crime really). Come on, let some **** slide. she seemd to like it on that tape didnt she. let it go, and let him make his music. he didnt rape her man, they just had sex,lol. coome on. she wasnt 11, she was 14. its not good, buts it not 10 years man. his punishment should be maybe some kind of social work, going to schools and ****,lol

"It's take 2 to tango and teenagers shouldn't be treated like kids who don't know what they are doing...cuz they do."


once again, this isnt a jail crime on most of the countrys in europe, which have proven to have a much better legal system than the us. period.

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