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So she, and her closest fammily said that it wasnt her. Several judges believed that. So why do ya'll still asume he did that particular thing (not talking about other cases and what else)? Paranoid or what?

Of course they said it wasn't her. They were bought off. Nobody talks about that but it's true. He paid her & her family not to testify. Just like he paid those THREE underaged girls money not to take their case to court. If you're R. Kelly and you are so innocent then why are you paying people off to drop lawsuits and cases?

This isn't about paranoia. This is about a man who has serious demons in his closet. Why don't you acknowledge that he did pay off 3 other underaged girls? Why won't you acknowledge that he married a 15-year-old girl, which by the way, is ILLEGAL!!!

:yeahthat: :yeahthat:

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Hmm I kinda can't believe the way u guys are talkin' here about R.Kelly and the judges.

U guys can't know what really happened, noone can so I'm not sayin' that Kelly is guilty but neither am I sayin' that he is not.

Cuz' the judges made their decision and it's like that - we all gotta deal with that.

Maybe he did it, maybe he did not but all I wanna say is that we can't know, only he can so just don't act like u know that he's guilty for sure.

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