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Hancock world premiere cancelled!

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JJ+FP wanna do shows. If they REALLY wanna do it, not having it piggy backing a movie isn't gonna stop them from doing it. I don't care about a any premiere...i just want a show.

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Will and co are no longer coming to Australia.. The world premiere of Hancock is now gonna be in France on the 16th or 17th of June.. So it looks like the Hancock premiere in London will go ahead.

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Yeah make sure you have a great time in London guys, its good to know that they will be performing at least over there, I'm kind of excited for all of you guys as well, it should be really good. It still really sucks for us down here though, maybe they will perform at Will's next premiere, I sure hope so as I'm killing to see JJFP live.

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Will Smith's Sydney premiere of Hancock cancelled

May 20, 2008 11:30pm

HOLLYWOOD heavyweights Will Smith and Charlize Theron have had their trip to Sydney cancelled because the print of their flick, Hancock, won't be ready to make the journey with them.

Smith had personally nominated Sydney as the city to host the world premiere for the super-hero comedy film, with the A-listers to have walked the red carpet at the Entertainment Quarter on June 10.

But due to the print delay, the Harbour City has unfortunately been shafted, with Hancock now scheduled to debut in France a week later.


So Tim was right. Sorry man :worried:

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