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oh my GOD.. I remember when you were 19 turning 20 LOL. This is so amazing, I know ur official birthday in the US isnt until 2morrow, but in UK its officially your birthday RAT NOW... lol... I hope u have a good one.. How does it feel to be 28? Do u feel any different? Hell, Im fourty um.. something, and I still feel in my 20s, so.. its all a state of mind... lol..

Dont work too hard, and I do hope you get the day off... we gotta catch up... too much been happening that we hav missed.. u know how we do..

love you dearly lil bro,



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Thanx everybody. It's my day off work...listening 2 The Return of The Magnificent and i'm looking forward 2 washing the car, getting out and enjoying this weather, then meeting up with friends. Thanx again everyone.

And i apoligize 2 everyone for not dropping "Happy B-Day" replies in their birthday posts. I always read them but the craziness of life always has me saying "i'll reply later when i have more time...and i don't. So forgive me and know that i'm sending out B-day love each time i see them posted.

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