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Will Smith: ''I might record something''

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Ha ha....i think i get it now. FP just speaks what he's doing at the time 2 mentally prepare himself for what he's doing. He knews he's an emcee at heart who will not stop rapping until he feels he's way 2 old 2 do it...or that the people don't care anymore. He only says he's not gonna be rapping so that some people take him serious as an actor and so he mentally convinces himself that's he's focused 100% on movies. I don't even think he's playing games with the fans. He knows that they know he's gonna be dropping records for awhile. The other kinda-fans, they are the only ones who are following the yearly rollercoaster of what he plans on doing musically.

Thanx for posting it. It was awesome.

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He just can't decide what to do... He WILL record something, I can feel it!

Hey Viber I was just thinking the SAME thing.. well the first part.. and the first thing popped in my mind was ...



I love that pic in ur sig.. and I know its no comparison, and way off topic...

but it makes me think FP sleeps Wild like Rasputia does in Eddie Murphy's movie, NORBIT. LOL

That may be a pic of him acting, but i bet it aint too far from the real thing. LOL ok ok.. just kidding



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I knew it all along.

When legends quit ''the game'' they love so much, you know that as long as they are healthy and young enough to perform that nothing will stop them from coming back. That is why Michael Jordan retired 3 times, that is why Will Smith won't stop, for the love of the game.

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I'd love to see that happen sooner rather than later, this is the perfect time for him to be on top of hip hop, JJFP gotta give to 'em somethin' like dis for the 08

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