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Tim's source is strong, and that very source also also said to me that he thinks Will has been working on stuff quite recently. Whether or not he'll release anything is another story, but a Hancock single would make perfect sense.

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Puffy isn't handling the soundtrack, is he? ha ha

I hope this is just a regular song that happens 2 be on the soundtrack. I think he's outgrown the movie-related type song. Beggers can't be choosers...i'm just happy something is on the way.

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well if he releases a single for hancock and it goes to number 1 everywhere around the world..do you think he'll wanna do a new album? :wiggle:

Thats what im hoping, with the hype of the tour and single, its gotta make him want to carry on.

This is a lesson that we shouldnt believe a word Will says, he kept saying hes not doing any music, then suddenly theres a single, you liar Will haha.

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Well I think anything's possible if JJFP tour this summer, definately something to look forward to! :thumbsup:

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YES! I don't want to get my hopes up but... The last year I feel has been very negative surrounding wills music. Now there's a tour and a possible single. It feels like will is just teasing us, right now with the last months news it feels like a full album is just a impulsive thought away...

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