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From that MSN chat with Will Smith in December...




Pierre-Antoine said:

Est-ce qu’on aura bientôt la chance de te redécouvrir sur un album rap /hip hop ? Are we will soon have the chance to rediscover you on an album rap / hip hop?

Will dit : Will said:

Sûrement pas un autre album mais sans doute pour le single de la BO de mon prochain film ‘Hancock’ qui sort en juillet. Surely not another album but probably for the single from the soundtrack of my next film 'Hancock', which was released in July.


hmm...so a new single this year but not a new album? somethin smells really funny here.. maybe we'll get another "Just Cruisin" or "Dance or Die" haha..

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im not sure if this is real, i said it on the original post but some1 says to him earlier on if he speaks English and he says no. And how is the conversation originally in French, i dont think he speaks it does he?

Im not sure ift his is really Will, maybe im just being too suspicious.

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Well the convo was originally in French mainly cos it would have been translated for a French audience as the original.

So a possible single for Hancock. I am intrigued by this cos it is one of his films that could go with a single for it, but im sure his approach may be different from what he did similarly 10 years back.

A popular single and a killer tour may well give him that bug to do more.

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