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Jonny 5

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Yeah it's the episode when Will goes to Princeton for his interview and the guy says "You're wearing your hat backwards. We frown on that at Princeton" or something like that. That was a funny episode!! :lolsign:

ok next quote: "And I guess it wouldn't kill you to go out with Jazz"

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that was Naomi Campbell playing Geoffrey's date on his Birthday...

The time I was thinking of for "or was it the other way round?" was Lord Fowler when he was spouting on about the King and Churchill, I'll let ya have it tho!

"Oh, I'm not moving"

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Well, fresh_from_sofia, I dunno if Ashley said those exact words but anyway, the I was talking about is when Will goes apartment hunting, and that gay sounding man says "Oh, I'm not moving" when Will asks him when he's moving out... you could be right tho...

The hundred dollrs one is when Ice Tray comes to stay he needs it to pay 'the limo dude' I think...

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I don't remember the episode from which it came from. All I remember is that Will comes down stairs dressed up. He looks into the mirror and says:

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

I ain't too short, I ain't too Tall

Aww damn if I don't have it All!!! :lolsign: :rofl:

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the episode when Will and Carlton had to make the dress and Ashley and Hilary had to make the exercise bike

"kitty cat, hey kitty cat, kitty cat, he-help me out!" :rofl:

That's Will's doggy puppet.

I can't remember, but wasnt I the one who made up this game? Anyway, the next one is....

"We eat here later, you eat here never."

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