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I just couldn't think of this one, then it hit me. It's Lisa's father (the for the moment Lisa). I can't think of the character or actor's name. It was the plane episode. Now....

"Sticks and stones may break your bones, but a 50 foot fall will kill y'all."

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Uncle Phil: Will, these are my partners in the law firm of Furth, Winn and Meyer.

Will: Earth, Wind & Fire!

      When's your next album coming out?

I love that. :D

That's the first episode, Will is commenting on how Firth, Wynn and Meyer sounds like Earth Wind and Fire to Phil's Partner.

This is one.

"Actually baby you got it but I take donations."

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Well can somebody get mine now?

"He'll stop that once you get him fixed." (and to this day, I don't fully understand the funny in this line.

Not sure what episode from but I do know that it is when Will is holding something up in the air and Carlton is jumping up try to reach it. ( By the way Mfuqua I think that Geoffrey means that Carlton is acting "horny" and if they neuter him like a dog, he will stop doing that. I think.

Here's one,

"Dinner is Served, a wop bop a loo bop a bop bam boom."

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I think that was uncle phil saying that to will in the episode when they were going to be on the Oprah show. Here's another one:

"The day that Hilary does something for herself will be the day I square dance naked on the white house lawn" :rofl:

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