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Sorry if this has come up before. We all know over the last year or so on her myspace that music was back in the swing of things. Well her new site is up and running which looks to be answering some questions


From what i am hearing this is sounding like a possibly great album. I may be biased abit but i don't listen to hardly any Female or Male RnB music anymore. But this seems to have a nice alternative style to it so im gonna keep me eyes open for it.

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I'd love 2 see the album get alot of buzz and success...even if it waz enough 2 have her consider a major label and a re-release. Theses days we need as many talented artists accepted in the mainstream as possible. And it seems like in some aspects, some listeners are demanding more from artists.

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This album will hopefully show her talents as a writer. She is a good singer but their are more accomplished vocalists out there. The songs alone will hopefully make this a class piece.

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When is this album going to be released ? Hopefully we get some more info soon.

I like what I'm hearing, I'll be buying this album not only because the song is really beautiful

but I just have a thing for her, she's very talented and has a clean image. I hope to god this album

will be a success, and hopefully people will give her that recognition. She's a sweetheart with a lovely voice and

creates good music. Unfortunately these days to be succesful you gotta show some nudity, make offensive records or it won't be a hit.Good luck to Tatyana, she deserves it.

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