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Will to direct Karate Kid remake


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"Actor WILL SMITH will be donning his director's cap for his next project - a remake of 1984's KARATE KID. The Pursuit of Happyness star, 39, is reportedly working on a modern-day version of the martial arts movie, with his nine-year-old son Jaden taking on the lead role of Daniel, originally made famous by Ralph MACchio. Smith Jr. will star alongside Rush Hour's Jackie Chan, who will play the boy's mentor, Mr Miyagi, according to reports."


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This sounds like it could be the cheesiest thing ever. Jackie Chan as Mr Miyagi, don't make me laugh.

In Will's first director role i'd think he'd have the sense to work on something more original, and on a film that would not get slated however well thye seemed to pull it off.

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I actually read somewhere none of it was true. I think people are still milking the rumor, and possibly getting bent outta shape for nothing. I think this whole thing probably stemmed from Jaden playing "a karate kid" on his guest starring episode of "Suite Life of Zack and Cody".

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Speaking to Monkey Peaches, Han Sanping, president of China Film, mentioned that he’s involved in the remake of “The Karate Kid” that Will Smith’s shingle is producing.

According to Sanping, the new film will be titled “The Kung Fu Kid” and could possibly feature Jackie Chan as Mr Myigai. Um, what? (is this guy ****ing with us??!). And if Chan’s not available? Stephen Chow (“Kung Fu Hustle”) will doing his best Pat Morita impersonation down a lens.

Pinch my left one til it bleeds. Please.

A couple of months ago rumours surfaced that Jaden Smith, Will’s son, might play the new martial-arts training tyke in the movie. Smith’s rep’s denied the claims pretty quickly. So why is this chap claiming the youngster is indeed still in the mix? He’d know, right? Or does he?

But not just that, Sanping tells the site that Jaden’s pop, The Fresh Prince himself, has already agreed to play the villain in the movie. Huh? Martin Kove must be spitting chips!

Sanping – who sounds like he could be full of vocal farts – also has a film in the works called “Tai Chi Tiger” that Keanu Reeves will produce and act in.


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I'm sorry but I hate these type of sources, they are just out there

to put Will down, make him look bad, trying to take him down.



Smith Denies Son Will Star in 'Karate Kid' Remake

By WENN | Friday, October 05, 2007

Will Smith

HOLLYWOOD - Actor Will Smith has denied reports his 9-year-old son Jaden will be taking the lead role in an upcoming remake of 1984 movie The Karate Kid.

Smith's production company, Overbrook Entertainment, is making the new film, which will be directed by the Hollywood superstar himself.

But speculation that the Men in Black star's son will take on the lead role, which Ralph Macchio played in the original, are "not true," according to a spokesman for dad Will.

Smith teamed up with Jaden when the two played father and son in The Pursuit of Happyness.




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