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New Jay Z Album Nov 6th?


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Apparently he's droppin a new track tomorrow....

I read the title of the album is "Boss Hova" as of now...allhiphop.com is reporting this..HAHAHAH but xxlmag.com is quoted saying: "Sorry allsh*tstop, it ain’t called Boss Hova. It’s called American Gangster. Inspired somewhat by the movie of the same name, but it’s a full studio album, no soundtrack"

I don't think xxlmag.com is anywhere near as good as allhiphop.com though..

But november 6? I heard nothing on the date

everyone is saying he's got a blueprint sound to it though...sweeeet

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Jay-Z back again? I was just listening to Blueprint the past 2 days. I was actually gonna sell that album til I really listened to it and decided to keep it. I don't know if Jay-Z should really come out with a new album, at least this soon. Ah well, let the rumor mill get to churning.

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On November 6th, Jay-Z will release a new album inspired by the forthcoming Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe movie American Gangster, meaning he has now un-retired twice. The MC/label head, who declared he was quitting the game after releasing 2003’s The Black Album, says he found otherworldly inspiration to pen tracks after watching the film, which tells the story of Seventies Harlem heroin dealer Frank Lucas. “It was like I was watching the film, and putting it on pause, and giving a back story to the story,” Jay told the New York Times.

American Gangster, which is directed by Ridley Scott and features T.I., Common and RZA in supporting roles, tells a bad-boy rags-to-riches story in which the hero (Washington) is a criminal audiences can root for. “It immediately clicked with me,” said Jay-Z, who has long rapped about his early days as a drug dealer. “Like Scarface, or any one of those films, you take the good out of it, and you can see it as an inspiring film.” The American Gangster soundtrack is being released by Def Jam and features songs by Bobby Womack, the Staple Singers and Sam & Dave, but Jay-Z’s album, which will be called American Gangster, is so far not officially connected to the film that inspired it.

Jay told the Times he’s finished nine tracks so far, including “No Hook,” a song that enforces the “stop snitchin’” ideology and “takes you through this journey — his journey, my journey — so many people’s journey that come from the areas that we come from.” Calling last year’s Kingdom Come too “sophisticated” for some of his fans, Jay-Z said he sees American Gangster as a return to his street roots. “Watching that film, it brought back all these memories,” he said. “It took me back to those emotions.”

There was also an article on allhiphop.com about this comeback as well, it sounds like it may actually happen.

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It's the right move for him...in many ways it's what the Black Album was going to be before he made dirt off your shoulder and change clothes...

kingdom come was awesome and yes it was sophisticated...but this should resonate...as long as jay doesn't get pop-single happy again...


WOOOO...Nas said his new album should be in stores in december...and his greatest hits will be out soon with two new tracks...one with C-Lo from the Rush Hour 3 soundtrack...

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I like Jay's idea of a concept album and his lyrics seem to be almost back to that Reasonable Doubt stage. Pharrell kinda of messed it up though with the wack chorus but overall it's a cool song. I like the fact he's going to do his next album based off the movie American Gangster.

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I really liked the "grown-up" vibe he had with Kingdom Come and if he combines that with that "Blueprint" sound & style, Jay could have another classic on his hands.

Even i liked half of this last album (and picked up a used copy of it). The lyrics and production impressed me on so many of the trax that i'll give this album a listen also. I remember liking 2 songs off of "Blueprint" when i heard....both being singles i think.

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I liked the track, and it seemes like Jay is leaving back commercial outta that album and taking it with 50 on 123 forbes (another i get money remix). I wish he bring back qualitie into this record but i know his bringing back gansta rap as never and hustling, pimpin, and hoodrap, i think that is what this cd is gonna be all about...

Anyways, Jay is the best and i know he is going to bring his best game into this one..

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