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Did u guys see the video they set up for Jaden winning an MTV Movie Award. IT WAS HILARIOUS. It had Jaden sitting in a chair with the award why Jada was talking 2 him and FP was talking as he set up the camera. Then Jada gets behind the camera and FP hangs out off 2 the side making a way 2 big deal if he is in the frame...haha. They then feed Jaden his speech in a very ghetto way...so bad u could never edit the film to make it look or sound natural...which soon turns in2 a slightly rehearsed disfunctional Smith-famly fight...ha ha.

I know someone will get a video of this very soon and post it here. It's hilarious, me and my friend were laughing so hard. FP looked smooth with a red shirt and hat...looking like he just stepped outta the booth recording L+F: Part 2.

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lol.. I didn't see it yet AJ, but I cant wait to see it tho, i bet its hillarious. hahah... I just read at ws.com that Jaden won, and im sure Will & Jada are real proud of him winning! I know it doesn't bother Will that he didnt won, since Jaden stole the sptolight..

thx 4 posting this AJ..



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