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Ok lets all agree to disagree.

Spice girls were great at what they did, its just what they did was not appealing to most people here.

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The guys that are hatin' on act's like The Lox or UGK are saying that the Spice Girls are dope. I just lost my touch to reality. Thank you.

U don't get it, man. When it comes 2 Hip-Hop, the standards are higher. There's so many different things 2 look at. Lyrics, flow, delivery, ability 2 rock a crowd, lyrics vs. that artist's real life, their message and subject matter, their wit, their creativity, their sound and production, their heart, Hip-Hop's contribution to their life and music (or lack of it), and then the bells and whistles (like gear, dancing, singing, etc). That's why groups like JJ+FP, Tribe, Run-DMC, Fearless Four, S-N-P, and so on are at the top of things. That's why groups like G-Unit and UGK are jokes.

The Spice Girls are pop, man. It's pure fun. I'm not sitting down critiquing their lyrics and about 2 see if their lyrics controdict their real life style. It's not like i'm holding Spice Girls up 2 the expectations of De La Soul...that's rediculous.

Taste in music is taste in music. Who really cares. I don't care if somebody likes The Hot Boyz or Bigtymers...but i have a problem if someone tries 2 say they are real Hip-Hop.

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Its just a bit of fun, i dont think even the groups expect to be taken completly seriously. Besides the spice girls probably have more talent than 50 cent, they cant sing but at least they can pronouce words properly and not mumble them.

And i feel s club 7 needs a mention in this post, "reach for the stars" what a great song haha, that will never happen tho since Jo has been labelled as a racist bully.

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Backstreet Boys never broke up. Spice Girls never officially did either. I remember reading that all these years on their website, it stated that they are "together." I believe that only NSYNC has retired as a group.

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