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Will Smith To Appear At VMA'S


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If the song has hit radio or a video has been released, they probably will. If not, they'll probably play Gettin' Jiggy Wit It, Miami, or Freakin' It. Since there hasn't been anything heard commercially from FP in awhile, they might just play a song like "Shake Ya Tailfeather" since it waz a huge hit tied 2 Bad Boys 2.
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[quote=TopDawg14,Aug 14 2004, 12:49 AM]Will at the VMAs? Cool. Will's appearance will be the only reason I'll think about watching the VMAs. They've become so boring and predictable.[/quote]
yeah the mtv awards shows are horrible these days.. they are so unfunny and the jokes are abysmal :werd: not 2 mention the wack artists they have on these shows now :cya:
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i'd love it to happen but his name isn't on Confirmed Performers list unless they are waiting for confirmation from him i don't think it's gonna happen :bang:
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