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Vote: 6 Luigie vs 2 DaAce


And the winner is...  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Who won in this matchup?

    • 6 Luigie
    • 2 Da Ace

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Da Ace was amazing. Lyrics, Flow, Delivery, & Style. I mean, I can imagine being a spectator out in a park or somewhere. He had lines that made me laugh. I could just totally vibe out.

Lugie, surprised me. He stepped up his content.

However, Ace just outdid him in every category. I give it to Ace.

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Schnazz... even tho you didnt vote for me i appreciate you dropping some feedback as to why you voted that way... same to you Fuq, even tho you did vote for me

its puzzling that theres only 8 votes and theyre split perfect but only 2 comments about it

theres so many active people on this board... come on now, the votes should be in the 20's and 30's atleast

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First off awesome competion Ace! You ripped it clean in every round but my vote for this one goes to Luigie! Simply for the fact that I think he had better punches. Ace's flow was a lot better and his wordplay was also better but for me battles are all about hits and punchlines. And I think Luigie had more and better ones in this round! Overall great job guys!

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anytime man... you definately put up a worthy battle indeed

i actually felt a huge sigh of relief when i just read that i was declared the winner cause it couldve gone either way

props to everyone who participated in the tournament whether it was by dropping feedback or battling in the tournament itself


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