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Moving Image Salute to Will Smith


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in case anyone missed the reminder , a couple of links:



the second link is Jada getting up to say her speech, saw a clip on tv last month it was really sweet, Will is goofy as always

it reairs over the next few days:

premieres January 12th, 2007 on Bravo

90 minutes- None, USA

Fri Jan 12 08:00P on Bravo

Fri Jan 12 09:30P on Bravo

Sat Jan 13 07:00P on Bravo

Sun Jan 14 10:00A on Bravo

Sun Jan 14 03:30P on Bravo

Tue Jan 16 12:30A on Bravo

Thu Jan 18 07:30P on Bravo

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I saw it last night and I thought it was a great show. Jada's speech to Will was very touching. I got the feeling that if Will was single then Bridget Moynahan and Eva Mendes would really try to get at him. Jamie Foxx and Cedric The Entertainer were funny and Thandie Newton was sensational(both in speech and looks).

It was a wonderful event and a great award for Will.

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