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I'll have 2 watch this at a friends house (crappy computer here). I've always like FP's with Letterman tho.' I just think he's far more funnier and has a more complex chemistry with the 'Prince. The best late night interviews have 2 be with Arsenio Hall tho.' Those 2 would go at it like crazy. It waz FP's early appearances on The Arsenio Hall Show that gave him the reputation as a person who would keep u on the edge of your seat. Some interveiwers would stray away from him cuz he'd be so off-the wall funny. Arsenio said in a recent interview that they'd "rehearse" their interview quickly for the people at Paramount (or whoever producered Arsenio)...but it waz all a front cuz they just went 4 it during the real thing. They wanted the spontaniousness of it all 2 happen on camera instead of directing how the interview would go. I remember one show where they just went at each other with "Your mama" jokes. I wish someone could dig THOSE up on the internet. I don't even think i have that stuff in my archives of decaying videos.

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