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  1. Trust me...it's great, especially if you like their previous albums. It's funny, clever, insightful and above all real! 4/5 mics.
  2. Really, really good album...just real, down to earth hip hop in the tradition of Murs, Kidz in the Hall and early Common.
  3. You didn't have to destroy my post! But yeah it's an awesome track there.... J Dilla - Won't Do
  4. Return of the magnificent...halfway meeting lost and found = Dream combo!
  5. Jay-Z and Nas - Success Certified banger!!!
  6. Allhiphop.com article basically further backing up my initial thoughts - http://allhiphop.com/blogs/features/archiv...5/18785677.aspx Chuck D, Alicia Keys and many others speak upon the controversial album title
  7. Wait, what? Is it too late to sign up??? :lolsign: I was just about to say something to the same effect....
  8. I kinda like this....the word has been debated and attracted so much controversy in the recent past that it cannot be ignored. And having a album title marking the hot button issue is a rather clever socio political statement. I personally dislike the word, I wish it weren't an issue, but since it is we need people addressing it. And I know Fox news and Bill O'Reilly are just waiting to pounce on this....but that was exactly the kind of heated rage and debate Public Enemy,Dead Prez etc have wanted to spark. So I am excited yet a little apprehensive, because just like his album title Nas needs to choose his words very carefully or otherwise he could be bombarded with negative energy from all directions.
  9. Yeah I'm all for this! Kid Rock can be dope but like AJ said you have to be in the mood for it. If Rick Rubin can get in the mix and make something classic out of this I would be jumping out of my seat...
  10. Busta Rhymes and Notorious B.I.g - Modern Gangstas Rare jay dee beat!
  11. thank you for providing this random rant from an apparently emo looking fellow who likes a catchy Will Smith song... :rockon:
  12. If I like it...which is possible, I will definitely buy. But I'm not jumping out my seat yelling "this is what hip hop needs right now".
  13. Happy B-Day!....Wherever u are....
  14. That Dead Presidents 3 snippet was serious!!!!!!!
  15. The video is pretty dope, aesthetically speaking, but the song kinda bores me....
  16. I agree that this kills blue magic a thousand times over! If more of the tracks are like this than "American Gangster" could be a classic conceptual album!
  17. Nick Cannon and Pemo/Pete Rock - Brand New Funk Rhymefest and Mad Skillz - Girls Ain't Nuttin' But trouble Black Thought - He's the DJ I'm the rapper (with random, but good Jeff influenced DJ)...black thought once mentioned that that this had one of his favorite verses. Mos Def (Backed by the roots) - Summertime and one verse in JJFP come in and shut the place down with the last verses of summertime and move into a hype version of Party Starter! Oh and I almost forgot - Souljah boy, Young Joc, D4L, Shop Boys and James Blunt - Lost & Found/Tell me why?
  18. Wow...I'm a big fan of the jazz/rap vibe, so how could I not love this! And you completely killed your verses!...Ace did a nice job too!
  19. So thoughts on this? I thought the tribe dedication was awesome, mos def the best! Nick Cannon killed the Whodini tribute...wasn't really feeling the Missy. The New Jack Swing tribute was good, but i was never a big fan, but Teddy Riley did break out with no diggity (one of my all time faves)!
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