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  1. New album in stores Sep 27 Don't judge unless you've heard the album. I've heard some snippets and they are really hot. Album Tracklisting: 01. Introduction 02. Spell Check 03. Lighters Up 04. Shut Up B***h Intro 05. Shut Up B*** 06. My N***as 07. Slippin 08. Answering Machine Skit 1 09. All Good 10. I Know You See Me 11. W.P.I.M.P. 12. Quiet (Featuring The Game) 13. Durty 14. Answering Machine Skit 2 15. We Don't Give A F**k (Featuring Bun B. & Twista) 16. Gimme That (Featuring Maino) 17. Kitty Box 18. Kronik (Featuring Snoop Dogg) 19. Winners and Losers 20. Get Yours! (Featuring T.I. & Shamel) 21. Last Day
  2. am I blind? what happened to the news section?
  3. AZ is back with the new album "A.W.O.L." in stores September 6! He's in my opinion one of the most underrated rappers. Official Site - AZ TV http://az.ivnet.tv/home.htm Preview The Album http://www.fastlifemusic.com/az/
  4. make sure you buy the re-released album coz it contains the Smith collabo.
  5. let's just say that it's much better than 'Born to Reign'
  6. someone should call interscope to check what's up!
  7. I agree it's one of the best R&B/Pop albums i have
  8. Heathrow Airport - London /// 2004 ^^ more pics: http://www.lilkimzone.com/smith/gallery/
  9. To pay for server fees I have ads on my site:SmithZone With this survey I hope to figure out what the average WillSmith fan is interested in. Thanks for your help. What are your favorite clothing & shoe lines? are you interested "exclusive" fashion (eg Gucci, Prada)? Do you buy music online? Are you interested in buying music albums online? Are you interested in buying DVDs albums online? Are you interested in downloading music online? Do you play video games? If, so what type of games? What are your fav artists and actors/actresses? are you interested in travel information online? are you interested in viewing pics of celebrities online? are you interested in making your own music with help of loops and more? Are you interested in playing for money online? Are you interested in mixtapes? are you interested in dating online? what do you usually check on the web?
  10. Do you have the Beethoven remix? it's pretty good.
  11. he's one of the richest stars in hollywood but he's still carrying his own luggage. :lolsign: P-Diddy wouldn't even be caught carrying his own umbrella.
  12. i will post it within a month or so
  13. this month: 2 times it has grown on me i've started to like the songs i didn't like b4
  14. couldn't it just be that there's lots of special effects in the video...or something.
  15. dunno if posted French Premiere Magazine March 2005 Click on image to view the gallery. I heard Party Starter yesterday on a South African radio station. :yeah:
  16. Thanks everyone I use Adobe Photoshop do design my website ...Will give credit on my next update :)
  17. It sure is taking time... Found this pic today Does anyone know if it's from the video? Where is it from (Website)?
  18. Thanks --- do you mind if I post them on http://www.lilkimzone.com/smith ?
  19. I decided to bring back my WillSmith site since Will's new single 'Party Starter' is about to be released. http://www.lilkimzone.com/smith/ (I hope to have all the sections up asap) I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions on how the site can be improved lemme know :) Also, I've added two video clips to my site that I found on this forum, if the creator wants credit or have it removed, please contact me.
  20. If you like Will Smith you might like... Marcelo D2 He's one the most popular Brazilian rappers... 'À procura da batida perfeita' is in my opinion one of the best hip hop albums of all time. (the album includes a guest appearance by Will.I.Am) Preview the album @ http://www.marcelod2.art.br/
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