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  1. i don't know why its so underrated but i agree its a very good album
  2. thanks, i never seen this before. very funny
  3. man, i missed those dates but not close to me anyway. Do you know if any dates in PA?
  4. help! what does it take!!!! and im sorry im new, lesson learned
  5. i agree he does have enough money to do the rap thing more, besides he could make 20 mil from that anyway
  6. i agree need more comedies but id support him with whatever movie he makes
  7. id rather him take a break to make a new album
  8. i always thought he was funny but thanks ms theron for making him better then!
  9. id love to see that, im sure he'd kill that role and kill the box office
  10. I missed the mtv awards but i think i saw him win one atleast so if so, congradualtions!
  11. that's just stupid, id love for The Will Smith to film in my backyard
  12. Wish i would have known about this before, the one who went is very lucky
  13. im dude so i wouldn't vote but i always love to see will win awards
  14. i agree that FP will probably not do another superhero anytime soon but the green lanturn would be sweet, then again any will smith movie is amazing
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