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  1. if there will be a hancock 2 then i would definitly be pyched (spelling?) to go see it. Any will smith movie ill look forward to see. i got my wisdom teeth out 4 hours before i went to see the first hancock the first day it was out so im pretty sure if im doing nothing id go see the second one the first day it came out
  2. I just hope he will do another album, i need some more FP to listen to right now!
  3. i definitly have to say Lost and Found, i can't stop listening to it. But i haven't been able to listen to Coming to the stage, Chosen one, or We Won't yet so they could be better. But i have to say that Mr. Niceguy is a close second, its just sick. "Why should i try to sound like you all sound?"
  4. Those are all good moments hahaha. Fresh Prince show is the best and is always funny so its hard to choose one. I always liked where Will sang to Uncle Phil that one love song to show how he felt. Don't know the name of the episode though.
  5. Does anybody if/when Will Smith wil release a new studio album? its been 3yrs and i hope he does
  6. Hancock was amazing. Will Smith played the unorthodox hero which made the movie so great. He was a jerk to everybody which made the first hour and a half hilarious. Even as the movie became more serious i couldn't help the feeling that i never wanted it to end. Will Smith was on top of his game when he acted as John Hancock. If you haven't seen it GO! No excuses, Will Smith is the greatest entertainer.
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