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  1. On his album, yeah. On his album the beat is also very different. I have to say I prefer this version over the album version.
  2. Now I wonder if I was the one that somehow unliked you or if I really somehow didn't like you in the first place
  3. I just liked your page.. weird, because I am sure I did so a few days ago already
  4. It's not my favorite version ether, but the CD it's off is amazing. It was recorded in a one night session in 57 but hasn't been release until 95. It's a very progressive sound for those times.
  5. The quality of american late night hosts and shows is something continental europe can only dream of. Luckily some of your shows make it to Holland.
  6. sony is a corp.. they don't give a damn about anything else than the financial side dude
  7. "He is your wifes favorite MC.." Good job, although it is always hard for me to focus on those Hitler videos because I understand what they are really saying
  8. True, true. But all in all I just don't think it is a surprise that Canibus got ripped and it doesn't really make him look bad if you know what I mean.
  9. Well.. Battles like this aren't freestyle.. They are pre-written. Those probably guys knew for weeks they were gonna battle. I think it is unfair to judge Canibus that he lost here, because Battle Rap like this is another world.. It is not Rap Music. A lot of guys that are great in this stuff could probably not make a decent track, most of their stuff probably wouldn't even fit on a beat
  10. There is also a different between beef and genuine hate going way back like between Ja Rule and 50
  11. Yeah but just another romcom might be nice
  12. I would want a second Hitch or something like Hitch.. Will is very good in that type of movie, its a shame he made only one
  13. UMC's Fruits of Nature was an amazing album. One of those guys went on to the a kind of successful producer, he for example did that 50 Cent/Lil Kim track.
  14. 2dopeboyz is king. if you check that everyday you know hip hop is alive and well and newcomers are the ish
  15. I liked the movie, but the 3D sucked hard.
  16. so we went from garbage to not bad at all and above average :pound:short time memory problems there aj?
  17. Haha Pusha can spit man, you may not like what they talk about but Clipse can RAP
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