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  1. With releases like this you never know if they'll ever come out, but I'm hopeful. I recently revisited that Biggie Duets album and the songs with Faith on them were among the best on that album.
  2. Hey Kev you want to add me? My account name (Nintendo Network ID or whatever) is Turntable. Good video btw.
  3. I might have song Singles on Vinyl which have remixes that have never been released in the US, I'll check when I get back home
  4. Troy Ave is hot right now tho. I think the beat is still not as good as it could be but it's better than the last one. I can dig it I think but I need to hear it in CD quality.
  5. She is from Australia and has an Australian accent when she speaks, but when she raps she puts on what sounds like a Southern African American accent. That is absolutely terrible and it's the reason I'm comparing it to Blackface. All she really is is Nicki Minaj for racists.
  6. As far as the sequel thing goes, I don't really see the problem, because we do not know what a Rapper is referring to when he calls his album part 2 of something. It might just mean that he was in the same mood when recording it or that he went about it in the same way.
  7. The problem with the last one is how bad the production is. I feel the same way about that song with Mavado too. If he wants beats like this one he should just pay a guy like Mustard to make him some solid ones instead of picking cheaply produced knock offs.
  8. Iggy makes me feel deeply uncomfortable. It's one step away from Blackface in my opinion.
  9. I have one of those, the one in the middle where they hold the model house. I'm was so happy when I found it in a random record store.
  10. AJ, we might not have agreed on much during the last 10 years, but thanks for this one
  11. Taylor Swift - Tim McGraw Am I the only who thinks Taylor Swift's music has gotten progressively worse with every album?
  12. This sounds really good. What a great cast too.
  13. Merna is a terrible name, Ayah is so much better. Other than that, I love her.
  14. The thing they all shouldn't be trained (more or less) dancers when they start this show, that is kind of the point. However, I understand why the show picks them anyway - the performances will look better.
  15. It's really cool. A lot of good verses. Yo Gotti's verse was my favorite.
  16. The beat is bad. I get what the song was supposed to be but the beat sounds like someone made it on a playstation or something.
  17. He has been saying this for a while now. Also, Future is not a Rapper and he is part of the Dungeon Family.
  18. Oh man I think it actually will be outside the country during that Amsterdam show. I'm gonna died right now.
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