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  1. This is amazing. However the title holy grail it has to share with the nightmare in my street video
  2. Forums are doomed. The generation of my nephew, who is around 14 now, by and large does not at all use Forums.
  3. This is epic. And yes a new LH album would be in order.
  4. That GZA rerelease they talk about looks even cooler.. http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.20016/title.gzas-the-liquid-swords-box-set-to-release-includes-chess-set-instrumentals As for the Fat Boys, I have some of their stuff on Vinyl because it usually can be found in the cheap boxes at record fairs over here.. But I can not say I am a fan. I don't think their stuff has stood the test of time. But for people who do like it, this is a cool rerelease.
  5. btw why are we doing this.. he is never gonna respond nor read this
  6. Those numbers suggest that most black people are gonna vote for Obama because simply he is a Democrat, doesn't matter if he is black or white
  7. Actually, most of the world is terribly poor. What you are gunning for, I guess, is most of the western world or industrialized world or whatever the kids say these days. As for the stuff this dude wrote.. Amazing haha
  8. I am listening to the album "Below The Heavens" by Blu & Exile.. It's been out for a few years but I slept on it.. And now that I hear it I can honestly say this might just be in my Top 10 of all time. **** jewels I think my soul glows bright enough And **** whips I learn more when I ride the bus And **** it's bad enough that we fight for bucks And **** hoes cause in the end I need a wife to love Plus heaven is the life for us
  9. I just wanna point out that Tupac raped somebody and DMX abuses animals and women
  10. wtf is this, isn't jaden corny enough does he have to bother us with other kid rappers too
  11. I am a great cook and I do have awesome hair. I dress mean too. But my nails.. well you don't wanna know.
  12. What was wrong with Exit 13.. I don't remember anyone being on there that seems forced.. Maybe 50 bu he and LL are friends so even that is not forced
  13. I am not sure if your messing with me right now or not
  14. It's bad enough someone starts and finances a school based on scientology principles.
  15. Well right now quite a few independent artists are having success with non-mainstream Hip Hop
  16. Well looking a Raward_M's list I am confident to say that Will is a little crazy too. That doesn't mean I can not enjoy his work. I enjoy Tom's work.
  17. I am referring to when he said that he sent his kid to one of their therapies. I remember him saying something like that quite a while ago
  18. Is will in a very high position or partly in a very high position in a cult? Anyway.. I can not denie that I think a little bit less of Will since all of that stuff came out
  19. If you are a grown ass man and you are in a very high position in a cult.. your freaking crazy..
  20. I'm quite sure Tom is crazy, and I think it is a good thing for katie to get out of there
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