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  1. I'm glad that Eli has finally got a chance to shut everyone the hell up..what's more crazy is that both brothers appearing in the Super Bowl back 2 back......
  2. Today's music, well actually, the past 8 - 10 years music is all about a quick buck, the hell w/ quality.
  3. I wonder if that technique can actually work in studying for a test, lol
  4. Yep....Guilt as charged, I even have my friend's 4 year old daughter doing it, making the faces too.......
  5. When he was trying to help that woman who on Bob Marley was, singing "I shot the Sheriff"..hitting the high note
  6. I been down w/ the Pats since Cookie Gilchrist and Gino Cappelleti......lol
  7. After "Pursuit of Happiness"...actor which ties into him being a Father b/c he put his son in that movie and his daughter in "I am Legend"....
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