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  1. yeah the test is quite hard over here compared to the US...oh and jonny i didnt beat you i got 8 minors :damnyou: :damnyou:
  2. i have no idea but for me it cost £45....damn expensive thanks for all the replys and cookies it is a brilliant feeling!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ive got a rakim track that was supposed to be on his album with aftermath....and it was Dre produced its called After U Die
  4. im definetely gonna check this out, ive been meaning to get it but havent got no money at the minute
  5. im so happy man i just passed my driving test 1st time....YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just wanted to share my excitement!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. yeah does anyone know if its on a channel ni the UK
  7. im not sure there is....ive only ever heard the normal version on my History album
  8. damn prince that must have hurt..lol
  9. Can someone plz get me Salt N Pepa - Push It i need this song really bad...i got a party goin this weekend, and i need this song...its a great party song...also could anyone tell me other good party tracks to get a party goin? Thanks
  10. thanks a lot i really wanted to see this......i live in the Uk too
  11. im glad rambo and the new rocky will be coming out...but i dont know what to make of MIB 3 yes!!!Toy Story 3!!!!!!!!!!!! :lolsign: :lolsign: been watching 1 and 2 over and over and over and over etc. with my 2 yr old niece.....its the only film she watches :lolsign: :lolsign: :lolsign:
  12. i just dont understand, weve had to wait 3 years for lost & found which was a brilliant album, but possibly the best song on it was recorded in 2002/2003, the least will could do is what tim said and put up some exclusives or something or maybe bring an album out every 2 years like LL is, i mean hes acting and doing movies as well and hes still giving his music fans something in return as well..........
  13. begun the talk like something day tradition has........
  14. thanks for trying man, yeah i saw the video abt 3 days ago, im pretty sure prince produced it anybody else?
  15. lol at timmay!! anyway - JJFP - Shadow Dreams
  16. if i was you i would go but if ya cant make it dnt worry bout it......... but if you do go get all the details!!!lol!!
  17. black eyed peas are okay, but they have their bad songs definitely...... but its great to see Jazzy Jeff gettin involved!!! but i still prefer the Fugees
  18. Def agrees with it too.......but notices Chief has brung in the third person thing in this thread as well.....
  19. Def thinks...Oh God what is happening here!
  20. at the moment no as wills overbrook company is very small compared to interscope and is only a subsidary of it i think so interscope has the final say over what tracks should be released as singles and such, although i think will uses overbrook more for movies than music...i think, someone correct me if im wrong
  21. just thought id let everyone know theres a preview of LL's Custom Concert at this Link! Enjoy Custom Concert Preview I like the way he always performs live and usually only has the instrumental to the song playing, cause sometimes other artists have their part of the song playing as well and just sing over it
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