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  1. but to extend an "olive branch" if you will; I remember a while back that you said that there was a JJFP song you havn't heard (I think it was lovely daze) but if it is lovely daze I'll put it on rapidshare or something if you want.

    hmm... i'm not sure if i remember that post... but i have heard Lovely Daze, so it's all good  :jazzy:

    This is what I'll call as the MOTHER of all irony!! :lolsign:

  2. I always find it funny when people say things like "I'm just trying to eat... I'm just trying to feed my family..." when in the past, they've made or are even making upwards of a million dollars a project... (not a year... a project...) They're stuggling to clothe and feed their families?

    This has to be one of the best things posted here. :2thumbs: They make millions of dollars and would be getting so many stuff for free as they are celebs and yet they say such garbage, whereas I'm surviving with way below 100,000$ for probably my entire lifetime and still can lead a comfortable life. :rofl:

    Anyways, back to the subject, the description for the Party Starter video sounds awesome. So with a video like that playing in all the videos channels, the probability of the Lost and Found sales picking up is very high. So let's just wait for the video to get in the circulation.

  3. Same here, but I will say this, I have had it. In the words of Reagan, "Read My Lips." (well typings for you interneters) I am officially through with anything and everything to do with the G-Unit..Shady..Aftermath camp, Period! I will not hear them out for any reason whatsoever.

    But why? G-Unit have dropped 5 solid albums back to back. Atleast complete the series with Yayo's new album, then stop listening to them. :2thumbs:

  4. I so many times got that doubt when all the music channels over here used to play a certain few artists, who are not big at all, over and over again like brain washing the audience into thinking their music was cool. So I guess these are the cheap tactics used to promote an artist more than using their real talent. :hmm:

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