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  1. naw man 50 didn't do anythign to fat joe 50 cant battle everyonce and a while he comes with a good song but other than that everysongs the excat same.... jadkiss's diss checkmate killed 50cent so bad piggybank was a gay as hell song... common calling a song a dud haha

    Uh.....buddy....a big 50 Cent fan here. :wave: So please be kind enough in your choice of words while describing G-Unit's music. C'ya homie. :lolsign:

  2. Anyways, I do realise that sometimes I tend to have a twisted sense of humour and take things a bit too far. I'm sorry for that, but the possible blog I was trying to post was more of a parody of the way we look at the fans whom we label as Loretta. And I very much got the inspiration to write this blog after reading Timothy's blog on Lorettas. :haha:

  3. Hello readers, you all know me very well. So not much of an introduction is required here, is there? Anyway, I made this topic specifically keeping in mind the male audience of a well known celebrity who goes by the name, Mr. Willard Christopher Smith Jr. So my sincerest apologies to all the female readers who cannot relate to this particular complication. But I assure you ladies, that you too would find this unique condition of much interest. Now what am I referring to, you might ask? Well, I'm referring to the sudden epidemic that has started to spread amongst the fans of Will Smith. It's more of a disease than anything else, and the first few cases had been identified after the much awaited release of the album Lost and Found (a historic masterpiece, I'd like to add). The disease has been identified as Lorettitis, and a person affected by it has been termed as a Loretta. As you all must have noticed, my partner in crime Mr. Timothy Price had already made you all aware of who exactly a Loretta is. But I'm here to help out the male fans who would've come across a few 13 year old Lorettas and may be perplexed on the fact that whether they have contracted this deadly disease named Lorettitis. So here are the major indications of the basic symptoms of this deadly disease:-

    1.When you watch the movie Bad Boys, you start to rewind the sequence where Will is chasing the bad guys draped in an unbuttoned shirt and you watch it over and over again.

    2.The Pamela Anderson poster that you had for a long time in your room would get replaced by a shirtless Will Smith poster.

    3.You cancel your date with your very beautiful girlfirend to watch an old re-run of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air episode

    4.You start day-dreaming about Will Smith in your classroom rather than the hot lecturer standing in front of you.

    5.Your frequent visits to the restroom will no longer include a Playboy magazine, but US weekly mag with a full feature on Will Smith.

    6.You spend exactly 4 hrs, 57 mins and 28 secs on the internet searching for the perfect Will Smith picture.

    7.Your parents have now started to wish that you as well had photographs of naked women hidden under your bed rather than Will Smith photographs.

    8.You cannot fall asleep in the night until and unless you listen to a Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince CD.

    9.You start to dislike Jada.

    10.You start to babysit all your neighbours kids to get more practice when someday you hope to meet Will's children.

    11.You go under starvation due to depression over the fact that you couldn't find any Will's contact number.

    12.You start to scream louder than your sister when you see Will Smith.

    13.You steal all the Will Smith pictures that your sister had collected

    14.When a girl dumps you stating the reason, "you have another man in your life".

    and finally, the last and the most dangerous symptom of all:-

    15.When you wake up in the middle of the night realising that the wet dream you had was not about the pornographic movie you had just seen, but of a certain individual whose CD is under your pillow.

    There you have it. 15 certified symptoms of Lorettitis. So beware, my fellow men. This could happen to you anytime. So always remember to keep it safe by carrying a CD of Ashlee Simpson by your side to prevent yourself from getting infected by Lorettitis. Or you'll end up as the sick loser who wrote this blog. Thank you and take care.

    - Sid

  4. Hey Timothy, I just posted a topic and clicked on "Save Draft", and now it's present as "Your Drafts" in the dashboard under my username 'Bracesup'. But I don't know as to how to send it to you. But I did save in under the section 'Will Smith music'. It's all really confusing to me, so please try to locate my draft yourself. :hmm: :smart: :2thumbs:

  5. Okay, so what are the Top 5 classic DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince tracks that still gives you goose bumps all over you and makes you all nostalgic and weepy? Here are the tracks to which I really get chills down my spine even today:

    1.I'm All That


    3.Lovely Daze


    5.Somethin' Like Dis

    There you go. :2thumbs: :jazzy:

    And I'm sorry if such a topic already exists. :1-say-yes:

  6. no offense 2 the guys,..(if u think this is gurly)... but ain't nothing like seeing a strong man/soldier handlin himself with confidence on the big screen... specially my fav male actor. !!!!! whoo hoo.  :lolsign: (sorry abt that)

    :word: :lolsign:

    I guess the inner Loretta of one's self tries to come out some time or the other. :rofl:

  7. Is there anything this man dosen't suck at?

    In making money I guess. :lolsign: Because when 'Massacre' got released, I didn't buy the cassette but instead I bought the CD (which was priced at double the amount of a normal CD) only because it had the Glasgow, Scotland concert DVD. Now he's re-releasing the album with the inclusion of a much better DVD so that again people will have to shell out double the money for a CD that they already have. He's a money hungry bastard, isn't he? :haha: And the saddest part here is that I still haven't seen the concert because I dont have a DVD player, yet I purchased it assuming I'll get one in the future. :rofl:

  8. So I got to your page too by searching for the obvious 'KBF' :haha: after visiting Fuqs soundclick page, and you were really good at rapping too. But I cannot believe your accent is so damn strong, especially in Lyrical Trip. I'm really not used to this much strong accent. :lolsign:

  9. well when u pronounce the the date, u don't say it's the 5th August 2005 (at least not in the US). u'd say, it's August 5th, 2005! the MM/DD/YY goes along with how it's pronounced which is why it's easier 4 me 2 follow.

    Hmm, while talking that is how I say it too. Too much confusion, isn't it? :thatsux:

  10. I don't appreciate being called a fag just 'cause I like Will, I won't call you a fag and I'd respect your tastes if you could respect my tastes by not calling me a fag 'cause of who I listen to, like Will says if you ain't got nothin' nice to say, don't say nothin'.

    Yeah, it's sad that those members had to be this rude for only talking about Will. :hmm:

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