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  1. Hey, I'm Siddharth and I'm from Hyd, India. I'm in college and I have been a fan of Fresh Prince since the time I saw "Summertime". Then I became a hardcore fan after I got "Homebase" album. Since then I've seen all his movies and am still a big fan of the Big Will.

    I discovered this site after searching for info on Lost & Found. :dancingcool:

  2. Sony. Anyday! They promoted Will soooo much in my country. I still remember there were so many ads and articles for BWS and Willenium. Even Born To Reign released very quickly compared with the US date. Whereas there is absolutely no ads for Lost And Found and also it still is taking time to get released here.

  3. Well, we get most of the pop albums like Britney, Jennifer, etc. but when it comes to rap, very few like Eminem, 50 Cent, etc. I do have all the 3 Will albums. But "Lost & Found" will be released in a week or so, hopefully this coming week I would be able to lay my hands on it. :kool:

  4. DAMN DUDE. Thanks sooooooooooo much for posting those mp3s. I've never heard this album. The only JJFP album I have is "Homebase". Thank you so much man. I have been searching for old Fresh Prince albums for years now, and since I live in India, none of these albums got released over here. Thanks a lot, once again. You Rule! :peace:

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