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  1. yeah how is DD/MM/YY more logical than MM/DD/YY? i think they are both equally logic, i'm just used 2 seeing the MM/DD/YY version myself.


    DAYS make up MONTHS and months make up YEARS! So the correct order should go DD/MM/YY!!


    Yeah, that's true. I'm used to DD/MM/YY too. :1-say-yes:

  2. Incidentally... this is Access Hollywood guys, so I wouldn't read too much into the fact that they talk about Tom Cruise and allude to Will's movie career. When's the last time you've seen Mike Jones or Lil Jon on Access Hollywood?

    That's true. Will right now to the commercial market is more of a big Hollywood superstar than a rapper. That's why when Access Hollywood does these sort of programs, they are the one who will benefit more because more audience would tune in to watch Will talk about collaborating with Tom Cruise, which is obviously a bigger news to the world-wide audience who are fans of Will, the Men In Black star than Will, the guy who recorded Code Red.

  3. Okay, it's similar to crystal ball. Here's how it works. If you add two numbers and subtract it by the number, the result you get is the same in that tenth of digits. Maxfly already gave the numbers :9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72 or 81.

    Like 12=2+1=3 and 12-3=9

    13=3+1=4 and 13-4=9

    So all the 9 numbers have the exact same pictures programmed to appear everytime you play. So I don't think Michael is putting any voo-doo curse. :haha:

  4. Just so you know Fresh Ta Def, 2 topics about Lost and Found already existed in D12world.com forum news section even before the album got released and the forum members were actually supporting Will Smith as an artist. And a month later the album was even put up for downloading in their music section. So that's why your topic would have gotten deleted because of probable spamming. :lolsign:

  5. Well, the teaser trailer for The Rock's new movie Doom is out. And I must say, watching The Great One; the best pro-wrestler of the new generation play the lead role in a movie adaptation of probably the best video game of the new generation certainly got me emotional. So here is the trailer:

    Doom Trailer

    And here are some images:






    So I got these from The Rock's fansite: www.dwaynejohnsonfever.net. Anywho, the movie release date is October 21, 2005. And even if this movie turns out to be a disappointment like Alien vs. Predator, I'll still love every bit of it because it features the jabroni beating, trail blazing, eye-brow raising, pie-eating, smackdown laying, a** whooping, sun of a gun, the best damn superstar of wrestling and entertainment today, The Great One himself!!!! If Ya Smelllalalalalalalalow..................What The Rock.......Is Cooking! :2thumbs:

  6. Anyways... if you go to Ozzfest to see Mr. Smith... please do not wear rap clothing or the bling bling... Instead wear a black tee shirt and walk around chanting....  Ozzy Rules!.... :2thumbs:

    Aah, so much stereotyping. Tees are just tees, my dear Wisdom fan. And especially since '99 where rap and rock have fused so much, I wonder if people would hardly give a second thought to outfits. :hmm:

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