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  1. And the award for the Best Performance by a Duo in this forum for the Month of July is a tie between:

    BigTed and Maxfly

    Frenetic and 3Cookies

    and last but not the least:

    Sonic1988 and reborn2reign :lolsign:

    Congratulations, guys. You can collect your awards, which happens to be a big cuddly online hug given to you by The Brace himself, at whatever time you want.

  2. Candy:  I'm at a "Valentine's Day Party" at this girl's house in 5th grade.  Heck yes, a boy-girl Valentine's day party at age 10 is a big deal, despite the fact that, as far as I can remember, all I did was drink fruit punch and play Nintendo 64 with my compadres.  But every time I hear this song, brings me right back.

    You went to a girl's house for Valentine's Day Celebration and all you did was play Nintendo???? Man, even though you guys were only 10, you still need an a** whooping for doing that! :lolsign:

  3. I had to ask this because this has been at the back of my mind for awhile... Ted, are you related to KRS-ONE?

    It seems like you reference KRS-ONE every time you see an opportunity...

    I can imagine all of us in the "Caught in the Middle" forum taking about our favorite candy with you saying...

    Yeah... KRS-ONE likes skittles... Chuck D likes skittles too. The problem with hip hop is that Emptv and BET like M&Ms, and only because they like Eminem... So now we have a whole bunch of kids running around poppin M&Ms without knowing that real hip hop is all about skittles and that hip hop originated with skittles.

    But really, are you related to KRS-ONE?

    :lolsign: :lolsign: :lolsign:

  4. If I had that kind of money then here's my dream movie:

    *Jim Carrey and Will Smith in a comedy.

    *Keanu Reeves and Mark Dacascos in an action movie, where Keanu is the bad guy.

    *The Rock and Bret Hart in a big budget blockbuster movie where 'The Great One' is the hero and 'The Hitman' is the bad guy.

    *A new Batman movie with Michael Keaton playing Batman again.

    *An NC-17 rated adult movie with me playing the lead role and Rebecca Romijn, Jaime Pressley, Natasha Henstridge, Brooke Burns, Milla Jovovich, Angie Everhart and Krista Allen playing the actors' leading ladies with lots of explicit love scenes in the movie.


    *Will Smith and The Game

    *Michael Jackson and Will Smith

    *Michael Jackson and George Michael

    *Limp Bizkit and Vanilla Ice

    *50 Cent and Will Smith

    *JJFP and The Beastie Boys

    *Me with ICP


    A new extreme wrestling organisation to kick Sonic's lame wrestling show. Just kidding. :lolsign:

  5. Before we end the discussion, I guess both BigTed and Maxfly are right. Like Maxfly said, Will could have released more singles and performed more tracks to rope in some audience. That would have gotten the album sales a slight boost. But not a major boost because like Bigted said, the music fans are just not into the 90's rappers. So once again, Gold is good.

  6. the only way for Will to sell as much as Eminem is if he starts cursing a lot and makes a street album rapping about selling crack,

    Then he mostly would have been labelled a sell-out and then the album would not have even touched gold. The thing is people have moved on from the 80's/90's to the millennium where especially in case of rap music, the audience are only interested in new artists. So times have changed a lot and there's nothing we can do about it.

  7. In fact, let me ask that question....

    Was having Switch out as the only single for going on 5 months a mistake? Was it good marketing for Lost and Found?

    No, atleast two more videos with lots of CGI graphics and also guest artists should have been released by today. Especially Pump Ya Brakes, with Snoop in the video, as the second single and Tell Me Why or Party Starter as the third video with either Mary or Ludacris appearing in the videos. But obviously that didn't happen, so atleast going Gold at this age where the music industry is absolutely sinking should itself be considered as a huge accomplishment.

  8. Maybe they do have an open marriage. It is Hollywood after all. Who knows? :hmm:

    dont ever say that, nothing in the world gets me angrier than that stupid rumour, i put them straight at the hitch premier and i can do it again. :rant:

    Okay, I'm really sorry. It's just that the whole Jude Law, Sadie Frost and now Sienna Miller incident really got me thinking. Because Jude looks so innocent and like such a nice man, and when I read about the open marriage possibility, then his affair, you know the whole thing, it's just shocking. That's why the open marriage thing Will said surprised me now. My bad. :thumbsdown:

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