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  1. Jeff for sure on every single beat of the album... I'd like to see a track with Jay-Z.. Kanye.. Common would be dope.... I really don't understand why he and ll coll j never did a track togheter... This one would be my favourite
  2. It's the first time I watch it.... Fresh prince is pure FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I can't wait for a new performance and a new jjfp album!
  3. well, born to reign is underrated.. it's sure I really love some trax of it, act like u know, gimme tonight are some of his best solo tracks.. how da beat goes, block party, born to reign are great too...but we have to say b2r has some of his worst stuff.. I mean, I cant stop it's horrible...
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrgMTjybeZg I have to say I loved this song since the first time I bought late registration... I'd have liked this song to become a single.... anyway, I love this performance and I've never seen Kanye performing it live...Great hip hop.........
  5. well.... I have a couple of songs over summetime.....but Yes, IT'S THEIR BEST!!
  6. I'm happy kanye won easily, but he did it not cause Graduation is a masterpiece, only cause nobody was on his level....hip hop scene is poor today.. that's why it nedds Fresh prince again
  7. I'd say NO for me, an album should be timeless to be classic... what's make the difference between two albums?? THE BEATS..I mean, lost found is great for his period, when u listen to it u see it's a 2005album..but when u listen to code red, willennium, well these sound still fresh!! production is on another level.. that's the difference
  8. that video is great... I'm sure will wanted to push again JJ+fp with willennium, that's why we have "dj jazzy jeff & fresh prince" as executive producers.... he did so fresh alone, with jada as director...every single out of willennium had jj in the videos...but columbia didn't like the idea.... fool!!!
  9. to be honest??? i don't like this.... we all want an album... a jj+fp album....I don't like the idea of one single for a soundtrack
  10. yep....we all think the same things......... Will doesn't want to do new music....he's retired.....and it's sad....I like his movies but I love fresh price for his music. he must do another album, we all deserve it
  11. 2 gods together.... W O W ! ! ! ! !
  12. great... I like he said that willeniumm was his best work... it's true
  13. JJFP - Cant wait To be wit U this is a full Will smith track... rapper produce.... I LIKE TIT
  14. great performance... full of energy and talent... W O W ! ! ! why can't will do stuff like that again????
  15. LL cool J feat 112 - Down the aisle another great track from todd smith
  16. LL cool J feat Mary J blige - My favourite Flavor Underrated track...
  17. yeah... I like lost and found and it's great... but the beats of willennium are on another level and make it a classic.... exept for la fiesta that I hate, the whole album it's excellent. I don't skip any song of L+F but the beats are not strong as Willennium.. and code red sounds great after 14 years. every time I listen to I Wanna Rock, I'm lookin, kickin it.. well they are songs that never get old!!!
  18. KANYE WEST - GOOD LIFE This is growing in my mind
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