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  1. I was jamming to So Fresh and Pump me up on the way to work this morning on B2r. Man these songs kick so much ass. I cant help to imagine a new album totally old school with jazzy scratchin. Is thier any other artist that are similar to JJFP style? Im jonsin for some new music.
  2. I picked this up on ebay a few years back. GREAT DVD!!! I also ripped the audio and made a cd out of it. If anyone wants it pm me. Anyone have any of those B side songs? Maybe we could do a trade?
  3. rap today is horrible in my opinion, like Will says, evrything is about throwback jerseys, champaigne bottles, lots of models :)
  4. anyone know where I can find these songs? I see a whole bunch listed under the lyrics section and I havnet heard of 80% of them. Anyone have them for sale? the B side lyrics are here http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/Lyrics...mith-bsides.htm
  5. i just found this board the other day, and saw some old discussions that Will is retiring from rapping? Is this true, when was this announced? I hope it is not true, :(
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