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  1. http://www.undrcrwn.com/collection/ its really got stuff especially if u like all that jazz
  2. yeah i think i am have started checking the site more often since 2003 ,waiting for some new album from JJFP hah ..classic stuff u are bringing Tim : )) btw i dont know if there is any different since than in the forum or just my point of view but back in the day when i first check the forum , i thought - "these people are "lil" weird "hah "posting comments for everything about Will and stuff ":) ,just to let u know:))) hah maybe these people wasnt the main ones here ,maybe just some lorettas :) anyways i am glad there is some place like diss , nice work Tim and thanks for the site , cuz if the wasnt jjfp.com probly we wont have heard or saw all that music ,pics , video clips and play all that games :) probly i wont even make the video for TMW ,some others wont have the chance to say "Hey " to Jeff and on and on..dont get too proud Tim hah
  3. pshhh its way more good than "kinda nice " ! ;) Fugees - Vocab
  4. Q-Tip feat Norah Jones- Life Is Better they got a video too
  5. do u heard somethin' about this year Rock The Bells in Europe :)) its good to see Queen Latifah back with some more live performs in the future ....
  6. well they got 4 shows next .. hope to catch them while they are still with Baba and doing his thing :)) i was only on B-Real and Psycho Realm , Limp Bizkit and Rahzel, Faith sfx and Eklips.. oh and Meth and Red hehe all dope in their own way !kinda nice hip hop summer , dont u think :)
  7. there is bananas :)) hope somehow someway to go there this winter for snowboarding haha
  8. wtf with all that guns ?! what they are thinking when they take the gun phah pitiable ..at least someone like the boy was there this time !
  9. lol for real ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02lof4y53Hw all time klassik !!
  10. for real , thats great :) hope to make a new Europe tour with the band soon
  11. for what album are talking about Kev, Tip just got a dope album called The Renaissance ... if we are waiting for something from Q-tip its a album for The Standard with Common
  12. its now the "? "about the 400m and if he can beat Michael Johnson .. hope not :)
  13. tnx yall , it was dope , B-Real and Psycho Realm was here for my birthday haha and we yall get insane .. in da membrane Insane in da brain!
  14. Like They Used To - Freestyle of The Arsonists check it
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