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  1. Yo Trey, wut up baby! Hey, Congratulations!

    You're my first victim! Time for your education.

    Savor the moment now 'cause it's a legend that you're facin

    Hope you brought some grease, cause there WILL be penetration

    Cause I'ma stick this rhyme right up into ya membrane

    Git all up in ya bizness and freeze ya brain like cocaine

    Git in ya head like Rogaine, so dope ya feelin no pain

    And when I'm done I'll sign your tombstone "Welcome to the Rap game"

    I don't need to do no talkin 'bout yo mama sh!t

    I just ignore the drama, grip the mic and bomb the sh!t

    Droppin jewels that expose your skills as counterfeit

    Besides, I know your mama, fact, I used ta pound the b!tch!

    Ahhh damm, now I know you wanna fight

    Let me switch up my flow so I can whup yo ass right

    Make it yo last night of thinkin bout rappin

    Better find a job, your rap career ain't happenin

    All your thoughts of platinum done turned to tin

    Your what you wanna be is now never been

    It's a sin to see all your time wasted

    You ain't got it son, 'bout time you faced it

    Where'd you go wrong? Hmm, let's try and trace it

    You tried to battle me and got your ass basted

    Try your luck at McDonalds and Burger King

    Check out Chucky Cheese, Wendy's is hiring

    I'm hereby firing you right outa Hip-Hop

    So, go on, git, don't look back and don't stop

    It's over son, better try pumpin gas

    Or sellin shoes, start with the one I left up yo ass

    Yeah, it's a classic, sad sad story

    Another young punk steppin up for glory

    Tryin to find fame, but the only thing he found

    Is another classic Cozmo D beatdown!

  2. i completely agree that all rap is not hip hop

    and about your graffiti statement... i was responding to the words you put up earlier that said "If a graff writer hates Rap and black people, is he still Hip-Hop?"... i was thinking that you were meaning, during the hip hop era...

    but since were being specific... every element of hip hop was been around long before hip hop was even thought of...

    breaking = capoiera

    graf artist = painters

    dj's = im not too sure of when they first evolved but i would say around the disco era

    mc's = the entertainers who performed musical pieces through rhymes all throughout history

    if im wrong with anything im saying... please correct me

    ps. the funny thing about this is that im playing my playlist on random and "jam on it" is currently playing and your currently rapping on it

    Completely agreed. Heheheh, glad I made your playlist. :1-smile:

  3. So, is a Techno DJ Hip-Hop? What about Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, they rap, are they Hip-Hop? If a graff writer hates Rap and black people, is he still Hip-Hop? :hmm:

    they were all inspired by hip hop

    yes limp bizkit and linkin park are classified as rock n roll but the inspiration clearly came from hip hop. Its just like how jazz influenced rock n roll and basically every other form of music.

    and its funny that u asked if a techno dj is hip hop cuz if you play some early bambaataa to the crowd nowadays they would believe that your playing techno when it really was hip hop... so its kinda the same for the techno dj, its all from the hip hop culture... its influenced many musicians and dj's whether or not they say so.

    Techno DJs & House DJs evolved more from Disco DJs who were around LONG before Hip-Hop. In fact, even Hip-Hop DJing evolved out of Disco DJs. So, I guess if we go by your methodology all DJs are Disco. Or maybe we are all Jazz? :hmm:

    Graffiti has been around forever. NYC style graffiti developed in the late '60s, early '70s. When I was writing back then I knew white graf artists who knew nothing about Hip-Hop or anything else black at all, so how could they have been inspired by Hip-Hop?

    Yes, I agree completely about Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, as well as Rage Against The Machine. However many of my Old Skool colleagues would not. The bottom line is, while MOST Rap is inspired by Hip-Hop, all Rap is NOT Hip-Hop.

  4. Hip Hop = 4 Elements (MC, DJ, B-Boys & Graph Writers)

    A Hip Hopper is one who represent the hip hop culture. (every true meaning of hip hop)

    Rap = A Branch Of Hip Hop

    A Rapper is one who rhymes in a hip hop rhythm.

    So, is a Techno DJ Hip-Hop? What about Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, they rap, are they Hip-Hop? If a graff writer hates Rap and black people, is he still Hip-Hop? :hmm:

  5. Lerkie Lerkie Lerkie....

    Look how much promation 50 cent and the game beef got...that gives props to hip hop, as much as u hate it, as much as they grow, hip hop will grow...for the worse or for the better, we will have to see that's the beauty in hip hop...anything can happen

    They are not Hip-Hop! No matter how much you or the media call them that doesn't make it so. Mel Brooks and Rich Little made Rap records too, didn't make them Hip-Hop either.

  6. Yeh that was lay to long dude, I mean I knew Ted did long posts but DAMN MAN....lol..I know the origin of hip hop itself. I have respect for old school hip hop, that's what made the rappers now rap....

    Just trying to add a little education to all of the misinformation in this thread.

    After all, I believe it was you that said :

    without the nelly's 50 cent's ja rule's etc, hip hop wouldn't be where it is today, if rapping is a form of hip hop then Ja rule is hip hop, simple.

    Hip-Hop can and would do fine without ANY of them! :1-smile:

  7. OK, I have a minnit so I'm gonna try and lay this down for you all. Now, of course, everybody is gonna have their own opinion but I can GUARANTEE you that what I'm going to point out would be agreed with by EVERY Tru Skooler who was down when Hip-Hop was birthed.

    First of all, Hip-Hop is publicly recognized as a culture and as having 4 elements, as mentioned earlier. However, the reason that peeps struggle so much with trying to define it is because it is INFINITELY more than that. What is more, none of those elements are automatically Hip-Hop either. There is Rap that is not Hip-Hop, there have ALWAYS been graffiti writers who have nothing to do with Hip-Hop, same thing for DJs. I used to consider breaking exclusively Hip-Hop until one day when I was watching some vintage episodes of the Ed Sullivan show and they had on this latin dance group. These cats were bustin windmills and freezes...in the '60s! Wasn't no such thing as Hip-Hop yet!

    Hip-Hop is more than a culture, it's a mindset. It's cultural aspects are endless! Hip-Hop is about self-empowerment, originality, creativity, competitiveness and defiance! You don't have to have ALL of these attributes to be Hip-Hop, but you can't be the OPPOSITE of any of them either! There are many other aspects but those are a few of the main ones. The only aspect that is a universal pre-requisite of being Hip-Hop is understanding "street" culture, wherever that "street" may be.

    So, saying that, you can see that it would be ridiculously useless to include things in Hip-Hop just because it has an attribute or 2, however you can clearly EXCLUDE things from being Hip-Hop because they are OPPOSITE to certain attributes.

    This brings me to the current Rap scene. It is simple to go artist by artist and pick out who is NOT Hip-Hop. All you have to do is pick out those who are intentionally NOT creative or original! This excludes groups like G-Unit and Dip Set right off the bat! Boring rhymes, boring styles, every record sounds like the last and they all sound like each other... THAT SH!T AINT HIP-HOP!!! That aint nothin but Pop Rap!

    Hip-Hop has extremely few rules. In fact, many people who were not down from the jump may think that it doesn't have any. However, it does have one golden rule that is just as vital now as it was in the very beginning... thou shalt not biteth the style of thy neighbour... NO STYLE BITIN ALLOWED!!! You could steal a rhyme, back in the day peeps stole rhymes all the time, but if you bit somebody's style you were considered WACK, and were likely to catch a beatdown! To confirm this all you have to do is think of the first 10 - 15 years or so of Hip-Hop on the radio, no 2 groups or acts sounded alike. Now, it sounds like half of them are modeling themselves after the other half.

    Of course, the main reason that is is because of the majors and Clear Channel and Viacom. They are the ones who decide who gets signed and who gets on the radio and gets their video shown. They are all about big business modeling and marketing, so whatever they find that works they emulate and mass produce. It's the classic technique invented by Henry Ford and it's been working for 100 years now. Doesn't change anything though, it ain't Hip-Hop.

    Remember back when 50 dropped "How To Rob The Industry"? Now, THAT was Hip-Hop! He was hitting with an idea and subject matter that nobody else had done. These days everything he does is the same 'ol same 'ol. Same 'ol rhymes, same 'ol style, same 'ol subject matter. That ain't Hip-Hop.

    Now, I haven't been checkin for Ja Rule for some time, so I wont speak on him, but Nelly IS Hip-Hop! Nelly doesn't try to sound like anybody else (though you can tell that he went to school on Montel Jordan who in turn went to school on Domino), and he is often trying new ideas. He doesn't have to be good and you don't have to like him. He doesn't have to rap about his life or things he knows about (Ol Skool Hip-Hop is FULL of lies, we were ALL lying). Nelly is trying to do HIS thing, HIS way, with a street feel at it's core. That's Hip-Hop.

    Some last quickies...

    Rap is simply rhyming on a mic. It comes from Hip-Hop but it doesn't have to be Hip-Hop. I don't know where the record deal requisite thing comes from either. If you don't have a deal you aren't a rap artist? So what are you when you're shopping for a deal? Do you stop being a rap artist when the deal is over? That makes no sense at all. :hmm:

    As to the question of where Hip-Hop music comes from, as in what music was it born out of. Hip-Hop music was not developed from any particular music genres, it was developed first from the way we played the music in the street, and then from how we created it in the studio. We used all kinds of records in the street, Funk, Jazz, Disco, Rock, Soul, if we could find a way to move the crowd with it, we used it.

    OK... any questions? :wiggle:

  8. tell me again how the hell u put out an album??? cuz that sucked

    Oh please, the only kind of music you listen to has banjos and accordians in it! :smartass:

    tell me again how the hell u put out an album??? cuz that sucked

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I liked that a lot dude! Great job! :thumbsup: Is there an auido?

    Thanx man. I'm still tweakin the track, but I should be posting it up on my site soon. I'll put a link here when I do. :wiggle:


  9. I've never been one much for this judging rap by reading it thing. So much depends on the rappers delivery and voice and sense of timing. Since I've done gone out on a ledge on this Freestyle sign-up though, I figured I would post one of my more recent songs and see how it flies. :wiggle:

    Please be gentle on me, it's my first time! :lolsign:


    “We don’t like funk anymore, we only like our beats raw”

    “My grandmom saw you on tour…” BUT THEN THAT BASS HITS THE FLOOR!

    Straight up out your Old Skool At Noon Show, I’m here with the bass yo!

    Ain’t no way to snooze on the funk in your face yo!

    I’m a give ya what y’all been missin’, take a listen

    Feel the bass an the rhymes that I’m spittin at ya

    That’s right, this old timer’s gittin at ya

    Climbin’ up on ya stage as I drop that outrageous

    Old Skool Brooklyn flavored funk

    The kind that makes the girls with the sexy bodies go

    Bump bump bump all night long at the party

    No bud required, don’t need no Bacardi

    I got that good funk here, so come an get some,

    Hip-Hop aphrodisiac, guaranteed to get the honey set son,

    Or make a weak man strong

    This funk will keep that body workin’ all night long

    That’s why we named this here crew Jam-On

    Cause we be funkin on until the break a dawn!

    They try to keep this funky Hip-Hop off the radio,

    They try to run that Old Skool yang, but they ain’t gotta play me though

    Because I’m hip to they steez

    This is one Old Skool brutha don’t get down on his knees

    I hit the streets with the funky sensation

    I take my funk directly to the Hip-Hop nation

    If Hip-Hop is on lock I’ve got the keys to the dundgeon

    If Hip-Hop is a science, call this a malFUNKtion


    “We don’t do funk anymore, kids want their Hip-Hop hardcore”

    “That Old Skool stuff gets ignored, please show yourself to the door”

    “We don’t sell funk anymore, that style went out with valore”

    “Maybe in our bargain store, the Old Skool section’s aisle 4”

    “We don’t play funk anymore, we feel it’s much too mature”

    “Our Old Skool mix is at 4, but here please take our brochure”

    “We don’t like funk anymore, we only like our beats raw”

    “My grandmom saw you on tour…” BUT THEN THAT BASS HITS THE FLOOR!

    Kick in the door wavin’ the vinyl!

    Bum-rushin’ DJs from Cali to New York, and from Texas to Ohio

    It’s Cozmo D, your Hip-Hop and Funk ambassador

    Weak MCs with wack beats, look out I’m smashin ya

    Pull over to the shoulder while I’m passin ya

    Keep that garbage off the road or I’ll be crashin ya

    Try to take me on and it’ll be a massacre,

    Cause I’ll be blastin’ ya and funkin up you passengers!

    You see, I’m not FROM the Old Skool, I helped put up the building

    I set a beam in every park I killed in

    I poured the mortar when they laid the foundation

    The bricks came from The Bronx but I’m a Brooklyn brick mason

    So don’t get suped yo, because you think you run this thing,

    Cause I done done this thing and I know how to gun this thing

    I keeps the funk on the one, rain, snow or shine

    No matter how you cut the cake I’m always gonna get mine

    I’m a Hip-Hop child of the ‘70s

    Born on the streets of Bed-Stuy with a pure funk pedigree

    I dropped records you was in your pampers hummin’

    Over 20 years later and the checks are still comin’

    So if this album don’t sell I won’t get vexed son

    I’ll get back in the lab, mix up some new funk, and I’m putting out the next one

    Cause I’m Hip-Hop from the jump an that’s no lie

    And I’m a bring the funk ‘till I die!


  10. can some one explain wat Cozmo is sayin i aint dissin i jus cant comprehand it LOL

    i am goin to explain the picture to you all i was tellin a joke then we wwas jokin each otha back and forth and i was sayin a momma joke it started like Your momma's over bite is so horrible and i forgot the rest

    I'm saying that I believe you are a fake, a hoaxer, a charlatan and a troll. You're probably 25 or older and speak and write extremely well. Nobody could seriously lay the vocals I heard on that video, I'm just not buying it. You are most likely some sort of Andy Milonakis wannabe who's getting his jollies off on making these kids pissed at you.

    400 bars huh? 20 minutes of the crap you laid on that tape? Yeah, that'll fix 'em! :lolsign:

  11. It was cool. The crowd was younger than I expected, so they weren't all that interested in us. Caz got a bit stoned and was hangin' all over my wife and her sister, actually smacked my wife on the butt when she was climbin on stage. She said "he only gets one!" :lol:

    It was cool though.

  12. Did you write this Lerkot? If you did, could you please clarify for me what you are trying to say? :hmm:

    I can explain the lyrics line by line tomorrow, since it might be wierd lyrics to read, I mean if you read it in a special way, it could actually make me look like some lazy racist who think you should quiet down people who fight for something, but thats not the idea (of course).

    Wasn't yesterday tomorrow, or is tomorrow today? Anyways, hows bout it? :interesting:

    TIM!!! Is a simple :) smiley too much to ask for??? :help:

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