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  1. It's interesing. Really every rap song goes like that? So how another styles are "planned" (I don't know how to call it).

    Even is it a true, that's not a reason why I like 'OUR' music.... If you wonder why I like it........

    cause of the ladies in the musicvideos.........

    No, just joking;)

    No, that is just an example, and what the professor was laying down is over simplified.

    If you've ever checked a real funky drummer, what makes him funky is not the basic beat, but how he fills the spaces in between. THAT is syncopation. A nice rapper basically does the same thing with his/her cadence.

  2. Most people don't realize it but your professor is absolutely right! It's something I realized as a rapping producer many many years go, and is why when I write my rhymes now I will usually do my cadence first and then fit the words to it. It's the exact same way how MOST people hear the track first, hooks second, then lyrics. They will hear and be drawn to the cadence (syncopation) before they are drawn to the lyrics.

    If you want proof of what the professor is saying all you have to do is examine Rap syncopation from the Old School and how it progresses to the New. The simple Old School cadences that just about everybody uses are gradually replaced by more complex cadences that vary from rapper to rapper. The rappers that most consider the dopest are the ones who's flow (cadence) is most unique. What is more, in the Old School the cadences didn't vary with the beat, but it has evolved into an artform that the illest rappers understand, different beat, different flow.

    Examine it again, you'll see that the professor is absolutely right. If you're a rapper, learn from it, it will make you even better than you already are. Actually, some of you probably already know it without even realizing it.


  3. I've never been overly impressed by any of the 3, but Ice T is a Hip-Hop legend, and NWA are Hip-Hop legends. 50 Cent ain't even Hip-Hop, he's Pop Rap.

    You can't go through life being assaulted by cops, talking to drug dealers etc... and then make songs like Rapper's Delight.

    Rapper's Delight was straight-up wack, but don't you believe that these bubble gum rappers of today went through anything harder than any of the pioneers did. All you need to do is look at the crime statistics and see who's environments were harder. There may be more guns in the streets now (maybe), but when it comes down to dealin' with the school of hard knocks these suckers have no fuggin' clue!

    Lerkot, your right, they arent telling what they go through right now, caus right now they are ritch and they dont have to worry about the Ghetto life. But they used to live that way, and now they "tell story's" about it. Even the most commercial Gangsta Rappers, like Ja Rule etc. do some Songs on every Album to talk about what they been through, and abou how you can manage it. They do it for the people that grow up in Hoods like themself's grew up, caus it gives them hope. Even somebody like me, and I aint from no hood, feels such lyics mostly more than "Rappers Delight" caus even I know how it is to be watched just caus you look like you aint fron the country you live in. Fun Rap is good, Gangsta Rap is good, as long as the Mc is able to write and spit it right.

    by the way, You diss them for not talking about what theyr lifeis really like. Well Lerkot, you also diss Rappers for talking about Bling Bling and Hoe's all day. Unfortunatly if they talk about that, they do just what you are asking for, caus thats prolly exactly how they'r lifes look like these days.

    Don't you believe it! None of it!

  4. I've never heard so much beeping in my life!! :1-eek: :1-eek:

    LOL!!! You better not come to New York then! Every time I drive in Florida I marvel at the LACK of beeping! :rofl:

    Gotta give props to Cozs driving... the man can find a park!!! :rockon: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom:

    It's those Brooklyn genes of mine! :wiggle: :lolsign:

  5. I want to see it without the blasted censorship! :mad:

    are you willing to pay? :kekeke:

    YEP! :gettinjiggywitit:

    I managed to remove Tim's censoring with a special program I have... you got paypal Coz?

    Don't think just because I'm in my 40s that I'm a sucker! :eusa_naughty:

    I won''t pay a penny over $20! :lolsign:

  6. yeah that girl is flashing him next weeks washing!

    edit: wait a minute, Tim are u taking a picture of her next weeks washing! Im shocked and appalled haha, i bet u learnt that from jonny.

    HE SURE DID!!! :rofl:

    Coz, that t-shirt is amazing. Is this the spring fashion 2006? I think sooo!

    Got it from Grandmaster Caz a couple months back. :wiggle:

    haha Julie, I never realised Tim was ACTUALLY taking a picture of her lol... he's gonna have to send me that one :rofl:

    He shared it with us but he censored it, the bastid! :mad:

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