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  1. Well really like I've been saying really people are hungry for more quality music, this is the main reason why record sales been down, I look at this as a good thing, this is a wakeup call to the industry and the artists to step up, it's more of an even playing field now since independent artists are getting more focus too, really I believe if artists put more effort in making better albums then I believe the sales will increase, now record labels have to do better job in promoting quality music if they want to stay in buisiness 'cause the public's not settling for anything anymore, they don't want to spend $15 for 2 good songs out of 15, so they'll just download the 2 songs on Itunes instead and put their money on albums that're worth buying


  2. It's about Album sailes aint it? I think every hit basicly was a R&B Songs caus of I-Tunes and stuf like that. It seem's like it's about making a hit single, not a hit album these days.

    Yeah, we've definitely returned to the singles dominated days of the '70s and 80s, this is true. However, there are reasons that both Rap and RnB have been hit the hardest.

  3. I think a new era is coming. In about 10 years the stats and figures will be very interesting indeed. However, this is great news for independent artists such as myself. Distribution of albums is so much easier with the likes of Napster and iTunes!

    EXACTLY!!! :wiggle:

    BTW, don't worry about getting "signed", what you should be pursuing is a singles deal. :thumbsup:

  4. I hope you are right Coz. The decline in hip hop sales does say something about the quality. A lot of people who have followed hip hop for a number of years are pretty dissatisfied with its current state. The RnB decline is interesting. I think the record industry chewed up and spat out the whole "neo-soul" thing, and a lot of good artists fell by the way side. RnB is just as watered down and played out as rap it seems these days.

    RnB and Rap are handled by the same departments at the majors, and thus are churning out the same bland, redundant crap! Only 2 things can happen from this, both of them good.

    1} The majors will wake-up to the fact that now people have almost unlimited choices of where and how to hear and get their music, and that they are choosing to pay only for music they really like. This will force them to start rejecting the formulas and instead move towards talented artists with unique and original material.

    2} The majors will jettison the genres all together, and Rap and RnB will return to independent labels and artists.

    Frankly, I think that without serious restructuring in their business models the majors are doomed in the music industry anyway. Their parent conglomerates won't tolerate the losses much longer.

  5. I think this decline in rap & R&B sales are for a number of reasons.

    1. No one can deny the age of downloading. Albums are "leaked"(I believe by record labels) to the internet and are posted everywhere. You don't have to go far on the internet to find the latest album.

    2. Legal download sites like ITunes and Napster have given people control to buy the music they want. You don't have to buy whole albums now. You get the freedom to choose what songs you want.

    3. The hip-hop community is at a crossroads. Like the U.S. I believe that the hip-hop community is divided. There are those who think that rap is fine and it's more lucrative than ever. Then there are those who think that rap has sold its soul and the only thing that counts is money.

    4. Not a lot of quality, just lots of quantity and that's never a good thing.

    I agree with everything except the part about the labels doing the leaking. They would NEVER do that, it's like cutting their own throats! Believe me, there are Music Industry Anarchists EVERYWHERE! You'd be surprised at how many of us there are who remember well the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, and who long to bring about a renaissance! :pony:

  6. Albums sales plunged in 2006, but digital downloads soared

    About 588.2 million albums were sold in 2006 — a 4.9 percent decline from 2005, according to year-end sales figures released Thursday by Nielsen SoundScan.

    But digital sales increased by 65 percent over the previous year, with 582 million tracks sold, and digital album sales more than doubled, with nearly 33 million sold.

    Rap and R&B were hardest hit by the decline in album sales. Rap album sales fell by more than 20 percent -- from more than 75 million albums sold in 2005, to fewer than 60 million. R&B plummeted more than 18 perce

    Hip-hop decline is just a bad rap

    For the first time in memory, only one rap album -- T.I.'s "King" -- cracked the list of the top 20 best-selling CDs in 2006.
    R&B sales slide alarms music biz

    With the exception of new age, the smallest genre tracked by Nielsen SoundScan, R&B and rap suffered the biggest declines in 2006 of all styles of music.

    R&B, with album scans of 117 million units, was down 18.4% from 2005, while the rap subgenre's 59.5 million scans were down 20.7%. Total U.S. album sales fell 4.9% to 588.2 million units.

    Since 2000, total album sales have slid 25%, but R&B is down 41.4% and rap down 44.4%. In 2000, R&B accounted for 25.4% of total album sales, and rap 13.6%. In 2006, their respective shares fell to nearly 20% and 10%.


  7. I'm watching it to represent for Serch. Turns out I know John Brown and those Ghetto Revival cats (their leader, Dred Scott, lives across the street from me). I like Dred, and he's got OK skills as a producer, but damm they suck on the mic. I did them a favor once and engineered a track for them in my studio, they couldn't PAY me to do that crap again.

    He was bragging to me about his boy being on that show, and how it was gonna blow their clique up. Looks like they're being made into a joke instead. Embarrassing! :paperbag:

  8. Man...2 many pop music fans in here.

    why bother arguing with comments that are as thoughtful as a 12 year olds ramblings on myspace.. :sleep2:

    Please explain that, guys. I wanna know what you mean by that. Please explain the difference between Rap and Hip Hop to me. I don't get the point. It's all the same to me. A beat and a rhyme. And I'm listening to both old stuff and new stuff and I like both.

    Rap is a genre of music. Anybody can do a Rap record. Adam Ant made a Rap record. Mel Brooks made Rap records. Richard Little and Rodney Dangerfield did Rap records.

    Hip-Hop is a culture. Hip-Hop Music is the music of that culture, and not all of it is Rap, and not all of Rap is Hip-Hop. For one thing, some essential ingredients of Hip-Hop Music has always been originality, creativity, and authenticity. It has always been an extreme violation of Hip-Hop culture to "bite" somebody else's "style". In the Rap Industry biting the style of others is the rule rather than a violation. When Hip-Hop ruled Rap no two groups sounded alike, now they almost all sound the same. That is NOT Hip-Hop.

    The bottom line is, if a Rap artist is not true to Hip-Hop culture then he is NOT Hip-Hop! If his records are not rooted in Hip-Hop culture then they are NOT Hip-Hop either! When Bob Marley made "I Shot The Sheriff" it was Reggae. When Eric Clapton remade "I Shot The Sheriff" it was NOT considered Reggae even though he used the same rhythm, because he was NOT rooted in the culture.

  9. I grew up on grandmaster flash..melle mel..run dmc..whodini..epmd..krs one..de la soul..tribe called quest..souls of mischief..del the funky homosapian..3rd bass..brand nubian..masta ace..pharcyde.. kutis blow..afrika bambaata..jungle brothers.. eric b & rakim.. public enemy.. heavy d.. freestyle fellowship.. black sheep.. das efx.. digital underground..slick rick.. doug e fresh.. gangstarr.. queen latifah.. ultramagnetic mcs.. salt n pepa.. stetsasonic.. rakim..pete rock & cl smooth.. jazzy jeff n fresh prince..

    WHAT? NO NEWCLEUS??? :arg:

  10. Well Eminem does have skills but at the minute he's just putting those skills to bad use. His word play was awesome back in The Slim Shadey LP days but now he just isnt as good as he used to be. I also wouldn't say that Eminem is the most skillful rapper out cause there are 100's of emcee's who've got more skills than Eminem

    and Eminem does talk some bull crap in his lyrics like ''Radio won't evan play my jam''. What the hell? The radio plays his music before anyone else and ''They tried to shut me down on MTV''. Again more bull cause Eminem is always on MTV and TRL

    all i can say is that this is everyone has an opinion but he still is better than 90% rappers out today and ludacris is also highly skilled but forever slept on , and albums aren't sold on word play but good songs

    Albums are sold on MARKETING!

    marketing and word play are not exclusive and two different things

    Don't get your point. :sipread:

    You said that "albums aren't sold on word play but good songs". I am saying that YOU ARE WRONG, albums are NOT sold on EITHER! MARKETING is what sells albums today!

  11. Well aiight, I get what you'r saying. But see, if you are a musician you'r suposed to put out good music. I dont care how you call the guy, if he make's good music he's good to me. Beeing a musician is about making good music. It doesnt help if you are a good singer/mc and if put out bad record's.

    Agreed... but we weren't talking about putting out good music... or being a musician... or putting out records... WE WERE TALKING ABOUT HIP-HOP! :shakehead:

  12. Well Eminem does have skills but at the minute he's just putting those skills to bad use. His word play was awesome back in The Slim Shadey LP days but now he just isnt as good as he used to be. I also wouldn't say that Eminem is the most skillful rapper out cause there are 100's of emcee's who've got more skills than Eminem

    and Eminem does talk some bull crap in his lyrics like ''Radio won't evan play my jam''. What the hell? The radio plays his music before anyone else and ''They tried to shut me down on MTV''. Again more bull cause Eminem is always on MTV and TRL

    all i can say is that this is everyone has an opinion but he still is better than 90% rappers out today and ludacris is also highly skilled but forever slept on , and albums aren't sold on word play but good songs

    Albums are sold on MARKETING!

  13. Well AJ has an aritcle of Will in the Source back in '98 where he said that he had Nas help him with some lines on "Big Willie Style" 'cause his slang was originally too ol' school on the rhymes he originally wrote for the album, he wanted to bring more current phrases, he knew Nas was a younger dude that had his ear to the streets more than he had lately, he wanted to make his comeback album to hip-hop proper, Nas said that basically in an interview with Carson Daly that he was just vibin' with Will in the studio, he said Big Will had all of his rhymes tight, he was just there to support really
    Nothin' wrong with any of that.

    Now really I look as music as entertainment, sure the whole rap industry wrote on Diddy's album but it has some hot songs on it,

    Music is music to me really, Marvin Gaye didn't write much lyrics but he's the voice of a generation, Mary J. don't write her lyrics either on the mostpart I notice,

    now speaking of Ice Cube didn't his cousin Del "help" him write "No Vaseline? "Jesus Walks" was originally Rhymefest's song right? Basically every rapper has had "help" at one point or another, at least 90% of the industry I read in an article, I don't really care though if the music is tight, Jaz-O used to write for Jay-Z back in the days too, really Jay-Z should get back with Jaz-O 'cause I don't feel much of his rhymes these days, lol...

    But we're not talking about music in general, or R&B, or entertainment, or the industry, we're talking about Hip-Hop.

    When you talk about "The Industry" I can get to your point, because I have made my living in "The Industry" for 23 years. From that view point I have no problem whatsoever with getting one of my artists some help or a ghostwriter if they're weak or lack skills. The object in "The Industry" is making hits, and selling little round pieces of plastic and binary files of information. When it comes down to that viewpoint I will do what it takes to achieve this to the best of my ability, including getting my rapper help with his weaknesses. This may even include getting some chicks to shake their booty in the video, and at other points in my life, going along with violent and misogynistic content. Just ask Tim, when it comes to "The Industry" there is no shame in my game, or anyone else's for that matter. This is precisely why I have become a Music Industry Anarchist, because "The Industry" is destroying music in it's pursuit of the almighty dollar.

    What we have been talking about is Hip-Hop, which is about a MUCH higher standard than "The Industry".

    btw doesn't Jazzy have "help" on some beats he gets credit for? What's the difference between Will getting help and Jazzy getting help? Pharrell helped Teddy Riley produce Rump Shaker right? Didn't Scott Storch help Dre produce some on his latest beats?

    No, that is completely different. These guys are musicians, and musicians have always commonly brought in other musicians on their songs and projects. Apples and oranges.

  14. Yeah the "light" that Cozmo D just had...hit me a couple of years ago while digging through Rakim's early stuff...If you hear "Move the Crowd" it will most definitely remind you of the flow in summertime.

    But maybe that's because Will adopted a more chill approach on that song...and somehow found the similarity to Rakim's flow incidentally.

    Could be, but I bet the first person he played it for said to him "yo, you sound like Rakim on that joint". :3-laugh3:

  15. Rakim and Will are very similar mcs, especially in the earlier days, their most recent stuff sounds different though, there's songs on "Rock The House" that Rakim could've done, there are songs on "Paid In Full" that Will could've done...

    Seriously man, you're way off. They DO have similar cadences but that's where it ends. Their phrasings and inflections are completely different... except for "Summertime".

  16. This is becoming pretty funny and serious if you ask me.

    Take this for example... ive written and produced over a combined 300 tracks since 17 years of age. (senior year of high school)... Im currently in my 4th year of college and yet over the course of these 4 going on 5 years i still keep in mind my true love... music. I had a scholarship for basketball that ended bad my freshman year and ive been on an extreme roller coaster ride since. Im flat broke and i even had to pick up some very low paying jobs just to pay rent but yet i havent charged one person for any of my mixtapes. Those 3 mixtapes combined are just at 3 hours in length, not counting the many hours it took for me to write, record, and find time for it. Its sacrifice. I have everyright to charge for my music for personal reasons but my music, to me, wouldnt have spread as rapidly. A 9hr job 5 days a week that ends up going towards rent, gas and food... plus 15hrs a week of attending classes, and countless hours of staying up, losing sleep over my true love... HipHop (writing, producing, recording and just listening as a fan). Yall can find excuses for Will and say this and that but i firsthand understand and have experienced a hectic schedule when 24/7 your feeling exhausted and in the roughest times of that experience i released "The Magnificent Mixtape" and since that release been working hard on my album. Will has money, has talent and has the ability to write his own lyrical content. I love the dude but ive never thought once of having someone write my stuff. So we can continue to debate over who wrote what or who did this but bottom line... you shouldnt have people doing what you love for you (writing rhymes or ghostproducing) especially in HipHop when YOUR skills determine your status and respect. Money isnt an issue and shouldnt even be allowed to interfere in what you truly love.

    I just had to get that off my chest cause theyre so many excuses nowadays to cover up for the sacrifices these people arent willing to make. I eat, sleep and live for HipHop... and no matter how succesful i become in any area of business or entertainment, when it comes to making music... i dont want anyone putting their hands in on what i should be controlling.

    Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun... HipHops true nature

    Well said!

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