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  1. I ****ing hate spics, dotheads, honkeys, japs, wops, kikes, wetbacks, gooks, chinks, camel jockeys and the french, but I love me some niggers....

    Tsk tsk Chief. You've got to remember that these people don't know you, so they surely don't know your sense of humor. Tim's gonna come in here and smack you around! :chuks:

    For the record peeps I would point out that he includes just about everybody in his little joke, though he obviously can't spell "honkies". :lolsign:

  2. Sorry, thought I was logged in. Please erase the above post. :)

    I'll have more to say on this later on, 'cause I have a lot of runnin to do today and have to get outa here in a minute. However, I've been on other forums talking about this for a minute so I'll just do a few C&Ps after I post my opinion on Kanye. BTW, I hope my language isn't too offensive, as the other forums that I frequent seem to be much less strident on swearing. Hero, or any mods please feel free to edit as appropriate and my apologies in advance.

    Kanye West

    He has earned himself temporary hero status in my book. Though I'm not of the opinion that this was the proper forum, since his comments may have very well caused some people not to donate when they otherwise might have, it was obvious that his comments were genuine and from the heart. You could see on his face that he HAD to say something or he would just burst, and most of what he said as well as his emotions echoed the sentiment of MANY of us black Americans. BRAVO! Hip-Hop needs more like him. However, I do NOT believe that Bush is racist, his track record just does NOT show that. He IS a pompous, elitist ass though, he does not care about POOR people...of ANY color or stripe.

    Now the C&Ps. Please keep in mind that these are in response to other posts (all of them white posters by the way).

    Bush and Racism

    I have said it often before, and I will say it again because I BELIEVE IT. George Bush is NOT racist!!! Saying that, he has ONCE AGAIN proved to be INEPT AS A LEADER in this whole fiasco. HE IS THE PRESIDENT, which means that he should LEAD!!! Even if all he can do is make a swift and prominent appearance to assure America, HE SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT!!!

    All of you who back him, if you think that his conduct, or lack thereof, in this whole fiasco was adequate there is something direly WRONG with your perceptions! Even before the levee broke in New Orleans it was painfully obvious that a major disaster had occurred in Mississippi, and this clueless idiot goes off to a fundraiser? Then, 2 fukkin days after the thing hits, he gives 1 of the worst presidential speeches ever made at a time of emergency, smirking at the camera while people are dying!

    The best leadership this fool has given us was when he climbed up on that pile of rubble and promised us that "the people who knocked these buildings down will hear from all of us soon!" I cried tears that fukkin day, tears of joy that he was our president. Turns out it was all BULL****! Also turns out that that was the zenith of his leadership. It's been all downhill from there, and I pray to God that it doesn't get any worse than it did last week!

    No, he's no racist, he's fukkin INEPT!!!

    As for whether the neglect of New Orleans was racist, what the fukk do you expect black people to think? NEVER before in this country have we had to watch AMERICAN CITIZENS stranded, suffering and dying on TV! FUKK whether these people decided to stay or not, they were starving and dying of thirst and disease and wallowing in filth and in death RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES! They were being preyed upon by gangs of armed thugs. All of these things are usually reasons to HASTEN their rescue, but in this case it was cited as reason to DELAY it? I watched EVERY channel on this, even that POS CNN, and while ALMOST all concentrated mostly on the human suffering, FOX almost completely centered on the lawlessness, almost to the point of saying that it was too dangerous to rescue these people...WTF!!! Sneau, I love ya baby but FOX CAN SUCK A DICK!!!

    Black people watch this, and we see that 99% of the faces we see suffering and dying while being totally neglected are black! Then we hear the network that runs to the support of those doing the neglecting as well as many others call these people REFUGEES! WHAT THE ****!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS, HOW DARE YOU FUKKIN CALL THEM REFUGEES!!!

    Yeah, there you have it. Americans left to die or be killed, dropping from dehydration and disease and starvation, preyed upon by roving bands of thugs, while rescue workers refuse to help and police safeguard property and the military drags it's feet and politicians twiddle their thumbs and the president presses the flesh and the media labels them refugees...all on the streets of a major American city. And, they just happen to be almost all black.

    Don't piss on us and tell us it's raining!

    In response to the statement that black people are also doing the violence

    You are saying that since these black people are being attacked by black people they shouldn't be rescued. Since you can't tell 1 nigger from another let 'em all die.

    I've seen this country invade 1 sovereign nation just to "rescue" a few American students. I've seen us invade another...an ALLY...because they got pissed at it's leader. I've watched us rally the world to save a bunch of rich Kuwaitis from Saddam Hussein. I've seen us send jets to save Bosnians and drop food to Afghanis. BUT...when it comes down to rescuing poor black people in New Orleans, we would rather let them starve or dehydrate or be raped or murdered then risk our people being shot at. We airlifted to Berlin, we evacuated Saigon, we ignored New Orleans.

    Whites killing whites...save em! Asians killing Asians...save 'em! Arabs killing Arabs...save 'em! Blacks killing blacks...**** em!

    Believe me, nobody suffers from these kinds of perceptions more than black folk, especially those of us from those generations that remember the days of instituted racism. To this day I find myself fuming and embarrassed whenever a black person makes a mistake or does something wrong, because I fear how it makes black people look.

    The bottom line, sans racial connotations is this, AMERICANS were suffering and dying and being preyed upon by THUGS. Because these AMERICANS were without food and water and were mired in an unimaginably filthy, unsanitary and dangerous situation their immediate aid was CRUCIAL! As they were also being preyed upon and even raped and murdered by THUGS this aid was MORE urgently needed, NOT LESS! The fact that those THUGS were also AMERICANS was NO EXCUSE to delay that aid!


    Oh, and scyhigh99...THE RED SOX SUX!!! :wavey:

    Four words for you: are you serious guy????

    The Yankees are overpaid, steroid-using pretty boys, who hafta shave clean when they sell their souls to Steinbrenner for a fat contract.

    There's also that choke-artist issue. Buckner let one ball slip by-- these guys collapsed in 4 straight games.

    A-Rod is a joke!

    And that's the end of that. :scared2:

    The Red Sox don't work for peanuts you know! And I guess that David Ortiz probably takes good vitamins!

    Yeah, my team choked (BIG TIME!) and your team finally lucked out and fell into a win, thanx to that stupid bloody sock nonsense. Let's see if the universe comes back to it's senses this year. :thumb:

    I think I'll make it a point to keep comin back here, at least just to spar with you! :ali: :touche: :sonny:

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