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  1. What's worse is that while he maintains his right to do this and says that he will continue, neither his White House counsel nor the Attorney General have cited what statute or constitutional authority he's based this on. These are lawyers... they should be quick with their facts to smack this down if it weren't illegal. The political ramifications are going to be crazy... and I thought Christmas break was going to be boring.

    Yeah, the reason that they haven't is the obscure loophole they're using allows him to do this in a state of declared war...but only during the first 15 days.


  2. US President George W Bush has again defended his decision to allow eavesdropping on Americans in the wake of the 2001 terror attacks.

    Speaking at a press conference, Mr Bush also repeated that he would continue to authorise the secret monitoring.

    He also urged Congress to renew the Patriot Act, the top US anti-terror law, saying it provided officials with the tools to protect Americans.

    "We cannot afford to be without this law for a single moment," he said.

    It was not in the best interests of the country for people to "play politics" with the Patriot Act, he said, while answering reporters' questions.

    The legislation has cleared the House of Representatives, but the Senate has rejected an attempt to reauthorize several sections of the bill. The legislation is due to expire at the end of the month.

    'Helping the enemy'

    Mr Bush also said he expected a "full investigation" into who leaked information about the wiretap programme.

    "My personal opinion is it was a shameful act for someone to disclose this very important programme in a time of war," he said.

    "The fact that we're discussing this programme is helping the enemy," he added.

    The New York Times reported last Friday that Mr Bush had signed a secret presidential order following the 11 September 2001 attacks, allowing the National Security Agency to track the international telephone calls and e-mails of hundreds of people without referral to the courts.

    Previously, surveillance on American soil was generally limited to foreign embassies.

    Mr Bush emphasised that only international calls were monitored without a court order - those originating in the US, or those placed from overseas to individuals living in the US.

    He reminded reporters that calls placed and received within the US could be monitored under orders granted by a secret court under the provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

    The president, struggling with low approval ratings and public discontent with the US death toll in Iraq, also defended his decision to invade the country, saying "it wasn't a mistake" and that "history will judge".

    On Sunday, in his fifth speech on Iraq in the past few weeks, Mr Bush appealed to Americans not to give in to despair over the war.


    I can't come up with a single good reason to go about spying this way. There are retroactive warrants, special secret courts... and he feigns anger and calls out Hilary Clinton. Big mistake.

    Believe it or not, there are actually people backing up his right to do this. I've said it often lately, if you've wondered how a free people would willingly turn that freedom over to a dictator, just sit back and watch.

    Chief is right though, it's not like this is anything new. But the gall of this guy when caught red-handed to actually say to the nation that not only has he the authority, but that the WHISTLE BLOWERS are the problem? Frightening!

  3. The first thing... its true that Will used that party lines that they used in Superrappin... and yes of course he should have mentioned Mel and the guys, if not then, then later because he obviously gets inspiration by them. However, I dont think he did anything illegal since it must have been counted as a cover. Am I right Cozmo? Brakes?

    And yup RRC should probably have some more money but Will have already given him pretty large amounts..

    OK, I'm not sure that I understand completely. Did he use a sample or did he just say a few of the lines? Don't understand the RRC thing either. :hmm:

  4. yes

    OK, interesting perspective. So, why do you believe that eliminating Black History Month would cause publishers to put more black history in text books? What do you believe would be their motivation?

    And how do you think eliminating it would cause blacks and whites to want to live together? Do you think that they would live together now, but because of Black History Month there is too much resentment?

  5. ok they are settin black history aside (early and mid 1900's they set blacks aside) and yes i do know wat segregation is i am jus sayin that tey are makin segregation because they dont put black history in the text books which they need to but they really aint because of black history month so as long as black history month is around the longer we actually have segregation think about it.


  6. Freeman notes there is no "white history month," and says the only way to get rid of racism is to "stop talking about it."

    Don't necessarily agree with that. I understand and appreciate the spirit of what he's trying to say, that we often unnecessarily magnify race issues... but I'm not sure that the best policy is to ignore the problems that persist.

    The actor says he believes the labels "black" and "white" are an obstacle to beating racism.
    I agree. I think that if we can get past skin color and the prejudices that are associated with them, we can move on.

    Black history month is a necessary thing, unfortunately. Without it, kids in general won't take time to learn about black history, and teachers would likely not take the time to focus on black leaders. The ideal situation would be that we wouldn't need a black history month, that black history would be addressed throughout the year as part of the history of the western world. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Black kids specifically need to see how things used to be, how things are now, and how things could be in the future if they seek to emulate those in their past and improve upon their accomplishments.


    that black history would be addressed throughout the year as part of the history of the western world. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

    Don`t know whats up in America but over here that is the case.

    Can you give a couple of examples of black history that is commonly taught in your country?

    i agree wit him because black history month shouldn't be set aside because that adds on to segregation

    Can you explain this? Are you sure that you know what segregation is?

  7. you're gonna have to expand on that one Coz :mygod: oh that wasn't to with newcleus was it

    Yep, Joe Webb is a big time JW. :thumbdown:

    Cosmo D,

    I cant believe that a Witness ripped you off!!!!

    We don't even take money unless people offer to help victims of disasters or support our work....

    Its not that I don't believe you I just don't think that the person was a witness, they probably lied....

    Yep, big time JW, an elder in fact. Used to host bible study in his crib all the time. He's still admired and revered in his Kingdom Hall on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties from me and my family. Even went so far as to forge all of our signatures on legal documents and get it notarized by some crony of his. His name is JOE WEBB and he lives on East 6th St in NYC... just to show you that I have absolutely no fear of defamation of character claims. THE MAN IS A CROOK!!!

  8. THANK YOU!!!

    WE are not fanatics!!! we belive in something and so we try our best to help people!!

    We do get a bad rep, just because we do something that looks strange.

    But really we are just regular people who feel strongly about something!

    PS. Turntable, Your quote from REV RUN is actually from Hebrews 11:1

    just to let you know...

    A Jehovah's Witness ripped me off for hundreds of thousands of dollars... but I don't hold it against all of you.

    Well... not really....

  9. Sorry but..If there actually was a Jesus he was white. He comes from israal and it`s just a fact that they are white.

    You have to take into account the era in which Jesus lived. He lived during a time where Jews were concentrated in the middle east and had not had serious enough interaction with other cultures with light skin to produce what you would see in Israel today. During the Roman Empire, Jews began to scatter throughout the empire, and after the fall of the Roman empire, Jews continued to scatter throughout Europe. As a result, Jews married Europeans had children and their decendents were mixed. During the Zionist movement, a large number of Jews in Europe migrated back to the middle east. This is why many of the Jews you see today have light skin. Jesus lived during a time where the preponderance of Jews would have had darker skin consistent with that region.

    What is more, the grand majority of European descended Jews are Ashkenazi Jews, who are not descended from Hebrews at all. They are descended from an Aryan/Turkish stock of people who converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages. This is why their native language is not Hebrew, but Yiddish.

  10. so this guy is just some lunatic going from forum to forum doing this?? if thats the case i wouldnt take it personal tim. he probaly does that to every administator on each site.

    in a way this could be a completemnt. i mean that if hes going to every big forum and doing this...this is considered a big forum.


    Actually, Tim was one of the Wise Men present when this particular prophet was first born in his manger and wrapped in swaddling clothing. In fact, yours truly may have handed him that first banishment that sent him forth to bring light upon the Web.... I guess I'm going to hell.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  11. Y'all have to understand, he has been banned from so many boards under his usual name that now he has to come from left field just to get a few of his "prophecies" through. Our Mr. "tm" is infamous!

    The Funky Spunk probably refers to his funky spunky rhyme skills. Yeah, that's right! Look for him to "bless" us any day in Numero Uno! :lol:

    Lol... I have tears in my eyes, and I've almost choked on my glass of water twice while reading the posts in this thread.


    :rofl: :rofl:

    Yeah, that one's a KEEPER!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  12. Well in the article it says January 9th he'll be going to court and they'll tell him the exact sentence, I don't understand why'd he take money from his dead brother and his ex-wife when he's making millions already off of everything he recording over the last 40 years? I don't see how he'd be desperate for money...

    The article doesn't clarify, but he may be entitled to that money. It all comes down to who his brother's rightful heirs are. If he is, the crime would be in his not having the checks changed over to his name, so that the income could be properly reported to the IRS.

  13. Despite protesting, the College Republicans approached a nearby KISS 105.3 FM van to try and win some tickets to the concert.

    They won four out of the seven tickets on two consecutive spins of the wheel. The seats were situated at rows three and five.

    The group huddled to try and figure out what to do.

    "It's like knowing what to do with garbage," Clinch said, amid talk of burning the free passes.

    But they decided to sell them and donate half the money to their organization and the other half to Wesley United Methodist Church.

    It's good to see that they don't mind profiting from something they are there to protest...

    Silly Republicans... tricks are for kids...


    "Don't go to see Kanye West, his terrible lyrics are destroying the fabric of our moral foundation. Wanna buy a ticket?" :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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