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  1. And that comes right back around to the root of what Kasparov questioned...How do you know? How can you say people in a historically oppressed police state ever honestly supported the leaders? Polls won't tell you. I mean look at U.S. sentiment some 5 years ago towards Putin: the majority of our Congress and of course our President took him as an 'ok' guy who has finally 'saw the light.' What this tells us is that international thought is also fickle. The most bare understanding of internal sentiment of the people in Russia is through the opposition party. It's the case in Zimbabwe, and almost any other turmoil filled place. Oh come on, are you trying to say that Peter The Great and Catherine The Great aren't beloved figures in Russian history? Please. :shakehead:
  2. History doesn't lie. But oppressive regimes do. Russia's oppressive history includes the strongmen of which you speak. Their power isn't a representation of the people in that country, rather a representation of the corrupt hording power from the people. Not all of them were oppressive or corrupt. Many of them were loved by the people and still are.
  3. We DID go overboard in our response (or pre-emption in the case of Iraq). We cannot ignore we've been overly aggressive in our own foreign military action. What you do indirectly bring up is that we do have a problem with our credibility now. Our country's actions compared to that of Russia's are not that much morally better. We do have historical precidence though, to see we must return to being a international leader of many countries, rather than a heavyweight throwing weight around. In many ways, the actions of Russia have made us look in the mirror. The United States is at its best when we head off other countries through intense, straightforward multi-lateral action (in diplomacy). This includes haste acceptance of a country that is vulnerable to Russia's own domineering plans. We have only provoked Russia by acting complacent with their attitude to the world (not calling alarm to their contracts with Iran, our lovely president's assertion he saw Putin's soul, etc). We have a common agreement not to start wars by throwing weight around, but I do think we also can allow for wars to start when we withdrawal our focus and stance on foreign affairs of a former super-power. Also, the claim about strong-men in Russia's culture is refuted by former Russian Presidential candidate, Garry Kasparov, in an interview a year ago on Real Time with Bill Maher : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvMHjXMiyy4 I can't argue with much of this except to say that our actions compared to that of Russia's are not morally better at all. I agree that we need to keep or even step up our influence and involvement with Georgia, but I reemphasize that bringing them into NATO is a HUGE mistake, and IS tantamount to "throwing our weight around". And Kasparov is WRONG! He has an ideal that he would LIKE Russia to live up to, but history defies him. Note that he uses other countries to attempt to prove his point. That is because the history of his own country is that of strongmen (and ONE helluva strongwoman) throughout, clear back to before the reign of Ivan The Terrible, and beset with examples of weakness bringing only failure, chaos and death. Oh, and there is nothing "former" about that superpower.
  4. I am using the word Soviet because the aggression is de facto Soviet. Maybe not de jure, but in all tenses a true return to the Soviet oppression of the Eastern block. Also, yes, Georgia hit Russia with a flyswatter, so Russia hits Georgia with a lead bat? Please, Russia has been egging Georgia, through political maneuvering. We can head-off Russia if we act to show unity among Western nations early. It's the isolationism/ignorance that allows for massacres and suppression of freedoms in other countries. We need to get these countries into NATO so they can be shown, with resolve, to be a part of the international community, not just Putin's land. Georgia and The Ukraine were not part of the Eastern Bloc, they were provinces of the Russian Empire. In fact, Russia was born in The Ukraine. Having influence there is one thing, bringing them into NATO is quite another. Putin would react to that in the same manner as we would react to an independent Puerto Rico aligning with Russia. As for your fly swatter metaphor, how else would you expect a superpower to react? How did we react to Afghanistan, Iraq, even Grenada and Panama? The bottom line is Georgia is the one who did the bombarding and invading first, emboldened by our influence. That alone should tell us to proceed cautiously, not announce to the world our intention to add Georgia to NATO and provoke the Russians further.
  5. Good try, but big FAILURE on your part. You forget history and why the word, "Soviet" is more than appropriate in the context of current events. Georgia, along with any other eastern block former Soviet territory, is quite vulnerable to Russia's acts of aggression. If you don't recognize what Russia is trying to do, then you are either (a) ignorant (b) blind. You said Russia will not sit idly by. Good point, considering they are making moves like the attack on Georgia. What we cannot do, is sit idly by. We can't ignore that Putin is using a puppet president now to mime democratic rule. We can't ignore the squeeze on the press in that country. And we certainly cannot ignore what Russia has in mind for her former territories. Does that mean we go to war with Russia? No, but we don't watch them slaughter others for living independently. We stay vigilant, and pro-actively urge other nations to accept these Eastern Block countries into NATO as a firm warning we won't let groups of people be killed to satisfy a greed of Russia's elite. There are no more Soviets. Look up the word before you use it. The Russian attack on Georgia was preceded by the Georgian attack on South Ossetia, which is predominantly Russian and has been de facto independent since 1991. Yes, Putin is asserting himself as a strongman. Strongmen have ALWAYS ruled Russia and are an indelible part of their culture. Before we go meddling in Russian affairs we need to understand them. The Georgians thought that they could flex some muscle and that Putin would back down due to our involvement. They were wrong. If they were in NATO how long would it take for them to try again? Putin is out to rebuild the Russian Empire and reassert Russia's status as a superpower. He will not shrink from confrontation if pushed into a corner. It is one thing to add former Eastern Bloc nations to NATO, it is another to add former Russian provinces.
  6. And herein lies the problem, apparently both you and John McCain believe that the Soviet Union still exists. When McCain expressed his determination to add The Ukraine and Georgia to the ranks of NATO it confirmed for me that he is too dangerous to be elected. Russia will NOT sit idly by and let this happen. If this man is elected prepare yourselves for war. :susel[1]:
  7. CONGRATULATIONS BRAKES!!! :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom:
  8. Continuing on his Southern journey, Ludacris jumps on ‘Ya Heard.’ Outfitted with an old school sample of Newcleus’ ‘Jam On It,’ Luda uses his clever wit, and comes up with lines like, “Only that Cali Kush, smokin’ like a muffler/so many red flags, I could’ve swear I was in Russia.” Nottz returns to flip Newcleus's "Jam On It" into a Dilla-inspired "Ya Heard." One of the better beats on the album, it provides the energetic lift needed to really allow you to enjoy L.A.X. Ludacris guest stars on the track and outshines The Game with a montage of witty barbs that leaves the Cali King sticking to his formulaic approach (name dropping, Dre, 50 dis - get the picture?). Best sample flip: Newcleus’ “Jam On It” in “Ya Heard”… Nottz flipped the hell out that track! 8. Ya Heard ft. Ludacris (prod by Nottz) Over a cut up classic Newcleus bassline, Nottz brings us a futuristic soundscape with a pure Cali feel. Unfortunately for Game, he has a tough time riding over the track: it rides over him. Luckily, guest Ludacris shows us how it should be done. His larger-than-life mic presence buts this choppy track firmly in its place. :wiggle:
  9. On "Ya Heard," Game rediscovers his sense of humor and recruits Ludacris to assist in the light-hearted intermission from his otherwise mostly grim offerings. After a brief and plain verse, Game steps aside and unintentionally allows his guest to outshine him for the first time by a guest. Luda's clever wordplay is a welcome departure from Game's occasional monotony. Curiously, Game again appears to mimic the delivery of a guest on his album to -- in his own words -- "break it down for my n****as in the South." :wiggle:
  10. Somebody that's actually sayin' sumthin'! DOPE!!! :wickedwisdom:
  11. I gotta say, at least now I know what the stick figure in your sig is spinning. All this time I thought it was a crudely drawn gun. Never would've guessed that it was a crudely drawn fork. Not bad kid, not bad at all!
  12. It's easier for Don to get gigs in Europe since he lives in Italy. With us they have to pay a lot more for the flights. I would love to do Jam On It one day though, especially because of the name! :lolsign: i dont know maybe for Jam On It 10 :) i am gonna try to talk with one of the organizers which i know .... Kurtis Blow, DJ Marley Marl , Alien Ness and more from USA were here so probly they will have money and for u :) Thanx man, I really appreciate that!
  13. THANX Y'ALL!!! It's easier for Don to get gigs in Europe since he lives in Italy. With us they have to pay a lot more for the flights. I would love to do Jam On It one day though, especially because of the name! :lolsign:
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAKES!!! :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: Have a great one man!
  15. NICE!!! :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom:
  16. How much you wanna bet that these kids have no clue what song you're talking about? :stickpoke: get bent old man....... Suck it Trebek. :fencing:
  17. How much you wanna bet that these kids have no clue what song you're talking about? :stickpoke:
  18. Yeah, that kinda backfired just a lil bit. :lolsign:
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMMAY!!! :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom:
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