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  1. Well...they should release Season 2 first...as it was cancelled. So i'm not sure they're releaseing Season3.
  2. 2nd Round 1A Germany 2B Sweden---------Germany------------Germany 1C Netherlands--------Netherlands 2D Mexico 1E Czchec Republic 2F Soceroos--------C.Republic 1G Les Bleus------------France-------------France 2H Ukrania ---------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL Germany - Argentina :davidblaine: 1B England 2A Polish--------England 1D Portugal------Argentina :hail:-----Argentina 2C Argentina 1F Brasil 2E Italy-----------Brasil----------------Brasil 1H Spain---------------Spain 2G Togo??:S
  3. Hope you're right. Does it sound a lot down there? Because in spain its increasing along with rap. By the way thats what people from south america listen here, and theres more and more people from there, so i'm not sure it will die in the near future.
  4. All tourists here wear socks&sandals. It's something i can't understand
  5. MMMMMMhh....Sorry? Arsenal deserved the win?? you didn't watch the game huh? First of all, with the rules in your hand....Referee should have given the goal to Guily, and a yellow card to lemahn. Second...Arsenal's goal should never have happened because Puyol didn't foul Eboué, you can see clearly eboué likes swimming. Add Etoo's bar that could have been another goal. Oh, you also got Eboué's yellow card, wich should have been a red card unless this was a Taekwondo game. You can say 10 Vs 11 wasn't fair. Well, tell me sincerely Arsenal was trying to show his game even before Lehman was sent off. Barça didn't play well but they got the tempo. Arsenal played like they always do, 8 defenders and run in counter attacks. I sincerely think Henry could have scored in the first minutes, but he didn't. I got the impression it was a 9 average players and a superstar (henry) team. What i mean is, it was a 10 Vs 11 game, but it should have been a 1-0 game just at minute 15. And Arsenal only tried to score in fouls/corner-kicks, as they never tried to do team-play. Arsenal may be the brittish team i respect the most, but Barça deserved the win, no excuses. Great game by Larsson with 2 great passes. It's a shame he's leaving. Visca el Barça i Visca Catalunya
  6. Spanish Season 2 has been CANCELLED. I checked few megastores this week and they said it has been cancelled and don't know if they will receive it in the future or not. :(
  7. hey. Go to www.Google.com and type "Fresh Prince Flash Game" click the first link and you have it! you only have to scroll down a little bit. Or: Click to play Game password is: headhunt
  8. Hehehehe. I knew that would happen. Dates in english are different than the other countries in europe. It's not July 3rd, its March 7th, so just 1 week away. :1-smile: The languages included are: english, spanish and german. By the way, Luigie, do you think is cool to have a flag from chile burning? Pensaba que solo los terroristas islamicos hacían eso...
  9. You can find another song on myspace.com/DJJazzyJeff. I like it a lot, however i dont see a voice on it,maybe some of you could try it.
  10. Hi. I was cheking for Season 2 down in Spain and i can't find it. Then, browsing www.play.com, i can see Season 1 had NO subtitles in spanish (cos we got season 1 in spanish), but then i noticed Season 2 does have subtitles in spanish, and that makes me think we won't have a spanish version this time. Anyone from europe (not brittish) found his respective language version? Or know if the non-english are having one? Thanks!
  11. Yeah. Making the news only for the Potnas it's a good idea. Then you can put the interviews there, and maybe also the remixes, the gallery and the blog. That would be a good move to try to become 1000 active members in this comunity. I know im not gona change anything and i'm sure 90% of u won't give a **** about this post, but i don't think that the fact that i dont have ALL Will's CD's or i didnt extend a check for the web site means i'm less fan than you are. I really don't want to start a battle here, and i supouse that some people deserve some special treatment so they get some extra things, but adding more and more things to that P section looks like this becoming a Private Club. I'm just saying i dont feel like i need to prove how a big fan i am to see this or that, at least the last time i checked the site, a while ago, where the web site's theme was green not orange like now (more or less), i dont remember this happening. But that was like 2 years ago so i dont remember very well. Again i know the quick reply is: so then pay for what u got and if u don't like go elsewhere, but if i come and don't see that "extra things" that make this site different, for example the breaking news or a taste of the media the P's got, this wouldnt attract as much people as now. thanks and understand i was only giving my point of view, i was attacking no1.
  12. I got the Astra satellite and i can watch MTV2 PoP from Germany, any1 knows if there is any chance i can see the Awards?
  13. Lost And Found is not released in Spain?? :mad8: i don't think so...as i'm from BCN and i got it....Take a look at El Corte Ingles or FNAC
  14. Hamburger great D-fence, bayern good attack, berlin good....something.. hehehe.. i can end this quickly. We got R.O.N.A.L.D.I.N.H.O :ali: oh..do u know if ballack is finally coming?
  15. honestly i dont remember that game :speechless: dont remember who won...anyway, dont talk about champions league as im really upset after Chelsea's performance. Thank god UEFA is reviewing everything and they'll be fined, maybe few games suspension for mourinho. And i'm more of a Hamburg and Karlsruhe fan as i got family in both places :thumb:
  16. FC Barcelona is my fav as i'm from Barcelona. And Lerkot, Larsson is training again but i dont think we'll c him playin this season. By the way The Game Barça - Madrid is in 2 weeks so all soccer fans should watch it :P I also luv the sixers, but they dont look like they r winning anything in some years... And Lhunagar we have to be proud of Dirk, Gasol, Parker, Peja, Zydrunas, they all great european players.
  17. The biggest megastore in spain said in its review (a lil bit short)... A polifacetic man, funny, totally recognizable and, above all, an enormous professional. Will Smith returns to the musical scene with a disk of rap, the first thing that knew to do with barely 15 years and the music that has accompanied him in all its career. Counts on the contributions of artists as Robin Thicke or Snoop Dogg. The album actually came out March 28th, the same day as UK. NO bonus trax tho A well known magazine and TV Channel (Los 40 principales) also said The rapper and actor Will Smith has requested, according to Contactmusic.com, to their fans female to stop asking him that they sign them in the chests. The case is that in its last movie, Hitch interprets the role of a loving counselor for boys in order to converting al timid more closed in an authentic one casanova. Something it should have been hit him so that, before the harassment of the females, have had that to ask this. By Nacho Herrero /los40.com Madrid (04/03/2005) Of good insurance that more than one would give everything that considers to be in the skin of the interpreter of Men in black (1997). At any rate, Smith has placed as pretext to this petition the fact that to him "would not like to see in television like to my girl they sign him in the breasts. So I am not going to do it again". All seems to indicate that the rapper, that is on the verge of finishing its new album, is confused since less than one month ago declared that would like to deceive its woman if she gave him permission. The opportunity they have been painted it bald but the one that was a Prince of Bel-Air is not found to flavor with this situation. The fans will have to think about a new zone in which will be willing to leave its sign... A little bit confusing article :confused3: but i supouse its true. and sorry for the writting, i was translating..
  18. that's what i said mooseknuckles but it seems some people here want to kick tour arse if u say hero-will and the label had the intention to leack it
  19. well i counted on that..but just thought that if u send promos...u know where u sending them, of course not where they r arriving...but if they get leacked...u should ask for responsibilities and take action cos i supouse its illegal..dunno... And by the way...it doesnt matter if its leacking or not...people that download and dont pretend to buy it..will do it before or after the release date... So i dont think this is the main point.
  20. Hey Mr. 2 point. Im from Barcelona. Do you know when is it coming out here? same for all europe (except UK as always xD)
  21. totally agree. marketing. Best way to see fans acceptation. Im sure if interscope dont want the CD to be leaked...it wouldnt.
  22. sorry, just posting to listen to the damn new song... :nhawong:
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