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  1. Will just lights up when Ellen brought up the tour! It's really happening guys!!
  2. I like the idea of adding Jeff's mixtapes...especially the older ones like The Vibe I'm On....and the Block Party would be great. As Ted said, maybe restore the old interviews and album reviews that you used to have. Another good idea would be to create a chronological video vault that is a compilation of various interviews, music videos and performances that are on YouTube. Ale does a tremendous job posting videos so it'd be cool if we had a centralized location for it. I'm not sure what you're bandwidth limitations are but because of copyrights, sometimes great videos show up on YouTube and are later taken down. It'd be nice if they were stored somewhere else but I can see the challenges of hosting everything yourself. My bookmark in Chrome points to the forum but I guess it looks like the main domain also points to the forum so is the former site not around anymore? The only thing that I've always loved over the years is that this site is always a music-oriented page. Personally, I could care less about Will's movies. I'm just so into the music!
  3. Thanks for sharing that interview Ale - that was really good! I enjoyed how they used shots of JJFP videos in the background for the questions. 2016 is already shaping up to be one hell of a year! Also - I'm excited that the project with Rhymefest is going to get revisited. There's a video from 2007 on YouTube featuring Rhymefest in the studio with Jeff. I need to get my hands on that song "Pretty Girls Are the Loneliest" ....that's a great track along with "Bring it Back".
  4. Well done Kev! That was an enjoyable blog post and I felt like I was reading my very own thoughts online. I got into Will right around the same time you did, except I was about 9/10 years old and everyone had the Big Willie Style album on cassette/CD. I was able to put one and one together and realize that this was the same person on my TV and he made great music. Although, I really didn't fully understand exactly what Will was saying, I just knew it was good music. I also got very curious about who he was so I did some research and discovered that there was Jeff - along with 5 studio albums! I felt like I struck gold haha. Born to Reign dropped in 2002 and I remember I was in 8th grade and Black Suits Coming was the most downloaded song on AOL. (Yes, AOL - also on a 56k modem LOL). That summer, I got the album along with all of JJFP's albums and had them on repeat again and again. I joined this forum that same year and the rest was history. I never would've thought that a 14 year old me would join an online community and continue to visit literally everyday of my life, discussing everything JJFP and wishing the man known as the Fresh Prince would return to music. In 2009, after I turned 21, I met Jeff outside of Fluid in Philly. I'll never forget that night. I was so starstruck and probably asked too many questions about music. haha. I just wanted to have a musical conversation with him and ask him everything I've ever wondered. Like if him, Will and Michael Jackson ever did a track together...etc. I would see a couple times a year ever since and he remains the same guy. Such a humble guy, along with his wife and team. Great people! Life has gotten kind of hectic over the last couple of years and I'm itching for the next time Jeff plays in my area. I can't wait - especially now that we are just beginning a very special time for JJFP fans. 2016 is going to be a great year! Anyway - awesome read again dude. It really captivates my personal thoughts and the forum here as a whole.
  5. Man, the news keeps getting better and better! I swear its Christmas! haha. Awesome report Brakes, thanks for the updates!
  6. I'm not crazy about the track but damn Will looks dope. Killer entrance and great video spot. I can't believe I just watched a music video with Will in it! Finally!
  7. It really is a great album for this time of year. I love having Jeff's autograph on the album cover too....maybe one day I can get a fresh prince autograph to go along with it! I think this album didn't do as well as it should've because according to Jeff, Jive was losing faith in JJ+FP and also the rap at the time was dominated by the west coast. It's an unbelievable album and I can't stress it enough. Unlimited plays for me as well. Don't Fight the Feeling is such a weird track. I still can't get into that track. One of their worst records in my opinion.
  8. Code Red is my favorite JJ+FP album as well. It's just a step ahead of Homebase. I wish it got more recognition because it truly was JJ+FP at the top of their game. It's a very diverse album from partying to lyricism, love, dreams...etc. I also enjoy hearing Jeff on the vocals too. I wonder if there was any tracks that didn't make the cut. I would love to hear more from that time period.
  9. This is by far the best interview I've read with Jeff regarding the status of JJFP and new music. Hopefully, he brings Will up to speed with the internet and SoundCloud so he can still releasing new material. I'd loved to hear that Clique verse and I have a gut feeling we will eventually. That's what that instagram video was in Toronto a few months ago as he spit the verse live so hopefully he'll just release. Drop some bars and people will definitely take notice. I'm with Brakes, It sounds to me as if we will get a Will Smith album and then a JJFP album. The Dayne Jordan album is incredible and it'd be great to hear FP on some of those beats.
  10. ​I was just thinking about that. I wouldn't be surprised if Jaden picks the set list since he loves his father's music which I'm sure will be really good. So many great songs tucked away on the albums....how about Jazzy's Groove live? Jeff Waz on the Beatbox live? Scream live? The list goes on and on. I'm also eating my words. Jeff said it best in an interview last year that the reason why you don't hear music from your favorite artist is because of life. I remember how frustrated I used to get when I'd listen to the music and wonder why my favorite emcee isn't rapping anymore. I understand life gets in the way but give me something to chew on you know lol I went to Live8 in 2005 and it was great but I was still so far away. I can't wait for a real, full blown experience.
  11. I cant believe it!!!! I am so happy! I can't wait for new music and to watch them live in concert!!!
  12. Yeah, I really don't care if he curses or not on a track. I understand he's built a rap career on being clean, however, he's cursed before on records. It's really no big deal. Let's just be happy he's back and not nit-pick it I hope this time around, he's back musically for a few years. It was rather disappointing last time when he said the rapper lost to the actor and then went on to not release anything new until now. I also hope he takes advantage of the internet and continue to drop new tracks. Keep the listeners focused on you. There's a reason why Drake has been on top of the rap game for the last 6-7 years now. He's always dropping new music. While Drake isn't a movie star, nor does he have a family, that's how he stays relevant in an industry where the attention span lasts all but 30 seconds...lol
  13. Oh my god, I can't believe this day is here. I was at work this morning, listening to the He's the DJ.... album (Pump Up The Bass - forgot how much of a banger that was) and I was just thinking like just how good JJ+FP was. An hour later, I see online he spit a verse. While the track isn't exactly what I'm looking for, he's got a good flow and sounds great! I'm so happy he's back! Finally!!!!
  14. How do we know that's really Jada's niece's Twitter? lol Either way, something is in the works and we've known for a long time that he's been recording all these years. It's about time we hear something! Preferably with Jeff! Let's hope this video is released.
  15. Whoa! This is a fantastic read. I love love loveeee articles like this! I wish they would do this for ALL of their albums. I wish Will contributed to it though, or I wish Will would just talk about music in general. Either way, what a great article. Can't believe I missed this on Jeff's facebook!
  16. That is awesome footage. I remember watching this performance like yesterday. I'm surprised that the performance isn't online anymore. It was on MSN years ago...I'm sure it'll resurface.
  17. Love it! Honestly, the whole "beef" is stupid anyway. Meek Mill absolutely sucks in my opinion.
  18. I love these fan-type interviews. It's an awesome conversation, I feel like I could talk to Jeff for hours and hours if I had the opportunity. I have so many questions!
  19. Awesome interview! I wish more interviews were like this. I don't recall ever hearing him speak in-depth about the 1998 unreleased album, Nightmare on My Street video and Starter deals before.
  20. This is a brand new documentary about Kid N Play. It's really well-produced as Kid N Play talk about growing up, to the music to where they're at now. Personally, they're one of my favorite groups. They were just pure fun hip-hop. All 3.5 (.5 being the House Party 3 soundtrack) were great material. It's a shame the fame got the best of them in the mid-90s but they look good and I'm glad to see them performing together for over the last 5-6 years. I kind of get the feeling that Play is at different point in his life and has totally checked out of hip-hop all together. One thing remains is that they are still funny and clearly have that same chemistry after all these years. Check out this interview from the Unsung Kid N Play premiere. and here's the documentary...
  21. I'm really excited for this! This is awesome. I hope we get to hear some of the tracks. I personally love Drake. Sure he's got some real garbage songs but every artist does. Drake is really talented. Drake/Calvin Harris/Kanye West - you guys really don't want to hear that? I get it, of course first and foremost I want a JJFP record. No question about that but just because he's collaborating with these artists doesn't mean it's going to suck. They're all extremely talented.
  22. Yeah - this was awkward to watch but I'm sure that was the intent. I believe Eminem tho. We've all known for years he was a JJFP fan
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