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  1. I can't wait for this! I love hearing the old records that haven't been talked about or performed. Boom! Shake the Room will be cool to see on here and then live!!
  2. I really hope Cris films both concerts in their entirety. Maybe Nicole can verify this?? I hope there's more shows in the works. It's going to be great to hear Boom! Shake the Room live for the first time in over 20 years. There's definitely going to be some curveballs and I can't wait for it!!
  3. I like the new look of the forum. It's more streamlined and looks great. Nice job Tim! Ted has great point about Will and his lack of online presence. Didn't Will discuss doing something online a few years ago? He has no direct connection with his fans other than his FB page. He is really behind the times and out of touch when it comes to that, unfortunately. He could easily have a soundcloud!
  4. Great question Ted! Way to catch him on Twitter. I wish I caught that earlier today!
  5. What a great time. Can't believe this was 20 years ago. It was just the start of his comeback to rap and especially at a time where Tupac and Biggie were recently killed, he brought the fun back. I wish music sounded more like this today.
  6. Hey Nicole...are these shows going to be recorded so that fans here in the US can watch too? Some songs I'd like to see live... - Somethin Like Dis - Scream - I'm Looking for the One - Jazzy's Groove - Brand New Funk - The Things That U Do - Boom! Shake the Room - and maybe the track Will did over Kanye's Clique track....
  7. Wow!!! I just woke up this morning to such an exciting announcement. I hope there's some US stops! I don't have any vacation time left to go overseas!
  8. Yup! Actions speak louder than words. I wish Jeff would just leak Will rapping over the Clique beat online just to show Will how to drop music in 2017 and get an instant reaction and buzz.
  9. I've seen this on Spotify too. I'm not sure how a collection like this gets created, the artist or the label - probably the label. I really like it though. Great to have all of the remixes in one place.
  10. I just feel like he doesn't care....at all. Did he just throw out the Caution in the Wild song last year just to see if it generated a buzz and gauge interest? Where's the JJFP Summer '16 tour?? I get so frustrated with him when I listen to the music and he really hasn't done anything/publicly released anything since 2005. Smh...
  11. Man, Will looked really tired in that interview. Kinda awkward head down when they were asked if they liked gangsta rap....lol
  12. Awesome words from Jeff! I wanna see more.... and most importantly, I wanna see a new collaboration between the two!!!
  13. I really enjoyed this episode. It was pretty insightful. I could hear Jeff talk all day long.
  14. Agreed!! So frustrated!!! Just realize some damn music!!! I just dont get it - he's so behind the times.
  15. Love when Code Red gets some love! Awesome find!!
  16. Total fire indeed. I love it. I hope we'll get the rest of that album now!
  17. Some great JJFP vinyl in that video! I love that Dayne Jordan - Sunday Afternoon track. I gotta cop it!
  18. What a missed opportunity to re-enter the music scene. C'mon Will.
  19. This has some interviews that I feel like I watch a couple months ago lol
  20. After listening to this on my ride to and from work, it's just alright. I can't even really enjoy it because it's not a full song. I guess I'm kinda confused as to maybe it was just an experiment creatively or a demo? Will doesn't spit one full verse. Repeating the same last 4 lines doesn't count. There's just way more to be desired here. Spit some bars Will!
  21. Wow - def wasn't expecting this. This had to have been for the Suicide Squad soundtrack. I love the way it sounds but I wish Will had more bars on it so it leaves me wanting much much more. I had no idea Will even had an app. Wish there was some JJFP stuff on there but I think it's just the beginning. Cool stuff!
  22. That's pretty interesting. I doubt we'll ever hear it though. I hate that I'm thinking this way but the chances are super slim of ever hearing the music.
  23. Yeah - Will can totally do what he wants but he should keep in mind he's somewhat alienated his music fans. He was just on the Tonight Show and was talking about 30 years in music but I couldn't help but think - what have you done the last 10 years musically? Aside from that latin song remix he jumped on, NOTHING. It's really hard to stay interested sometimes when you feel like the artist just doesn't care. Will doesn't owe us anything but man, toss us a bone. I think Lerkot has some good points. He's definitely terrified of rejection.At this point, who cares about sales. Just get on the mic and talk your sh!t Will. Drop some bars and just spit. No dancers, no crossover pop hits, just get Jeff on the boards and spit something. Drop it on mixcloud or soundcloud. He just doesn't get it. Jeff gives us great stuff all of the time online. No reason why Will can't throw the Clique remix he did up. It's super frustrating. I'm tired of these impromptu (half of the song) Summertime performances for movie premieres or at beach clubs. It's old. If he really loves it, drop new music. I mean really now.
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