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    Jin reacted to Da Brakes in Django Unchained   
    Reading a lot of the comments about the movie indicates that people don't actually want Will for this part. I have seen a lot of love for Idris Elba for this role
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    Jin reacted to Jazzy Julie in Django Unchained   
    Come on guys, if he passes on it you dont know the reason why, u cant hate on him for it. It could be timing or they dont think hes right for the part, dont give up on him just bcoz of this project.
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    Jin reacted to Hero1 in Willow Smith : Whip My Hair   
    My only concern is that the kids don't get to enjoy being a child.. those are the best years of your life..you should be having fun.. I remember them saying they had to extend the filming of karate kid..and jaden wasn't very happy about that..
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    Jin reacted to Turntable in JayZ says "takeover" beat out "Ether"   
    The Roots, yes.. the rest should not be on that list. Thats the nonselloutyetstillcpopishlist right there, It Was Written and Illmatic are masterpieces.. Thats it tho. The rest of his albums were good, just good. Jigga made three classics, not as good as Illmatic, but as good as It Was Written.
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    Jin got a reaction from bigted in JayZ says "takeover" beat out "Ether"   
    Maybe in his dreams, but not in reality. Nas lyrically murdered Jay, who cares if Kanye's beat was better. In a diss track (not song), when 2 MC's compete...the lyrics, flow, delivery, etc. matter and in every aspect of this, takeover could not match ether. LOL @ Jay-Z still catching feelings nearly 10 years afterwards.
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    Jin reacted to BamF in Vibe Best Rapper Alive Vote   
    This post is going to get a lot of people angry, but I'm going to put it up anyway just because it's the way I feel. Will Smith does not deserve this at all. In my view Will Smith is not a real rapper whatsoever, however he is a tremendous actor and he should stick to that. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince failed to keep their clean style of rap alive in the 90's when gangsta rap destroyed everything in it's path. And now the mean is what 40 years old? It's over for Will Smith in the rap game. More power to Will, but the real legends who deserve this title are people like Biggie Smalls, Tupac, and Dr. Dre.
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